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Category: Retail / FMCG

Boost marketing with digital engagement digitally yours at KCS

The global markets are evolving; the marketing profession is changing fast. It is being transformed by technology into a function that is becoming more and more about shaping the user experience. An arena that was once dominated by advertising gurus is being taken up by the tech gurus. The fact is that Technology is putting marketers closer to their company’s revenue generation engines, while also demanding a whole new set of increasingly technical skills.

A recent study published stated that about 39% of marketing executives surveyed were seeking talent in the areas of digital engagement and marketing operations and technology – two skill sets that didn't even exist a few years ago–making those the two most sought-after skills.

The digital engagement function can help brands reach customers across different channels, while marketing operations roles can include implementing and setting up customer experience technologies and figuring out how to capture data about the customers.

The strategy and planning aspects of marketing can make way to these efforts.

38% percent of marketers studied declared that technological skills and know-how in the area of strategy and planning are in demand big-time. About 44% of marketing professionals felt an urgent need to restructure their digital marketing efforts.

In this new digital world that we have created, marketers today are realizing that it is imperative for the brand stewards to have customer relationship programs inbuilt for any brand promotion strategy.

Brand marketing with a digital strategy is ‘The number one investment the market needs to make now to keep this up as an investment skill’

Marketing organizations have to be restructured to better support the business. This is because marketing departments are expected to take on a larger role in shaping the customer experience, a function that has been historically led by sales organizations world over.

As marketing departments take on more responsibilities, the marketing departments are being viewed as a revenue driver in the next three to five years. When the study evaluated what are the skills that need to be further developed in their marketing operations, the respondents mainly pointed out more talent in the areas of demand generation and data analysis.

Though one definitely needs the traditional marketing skills, marketing used to be an art form; but now marketing is truly art and science. Advertising and branding are top skills in this area that needs to get more technologically oriented, it’s not just about being creative, now the buck stops at being technologically creative…

The biggest areas of tech investment among marketers in the next few years will be focused at engaging the customers through different channels and understanding them through analytics. Social marketing, mobile marketing, marketing analytics and so on, the new age is sure up for a challenge in this ever-changing technological landscape.

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