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Cloud Computing Services

KCS Cloud Computing Services – Empower your business with one of the modernized technology.

‘Cloud’ – the revolutionized computing service that has renovated the functions of hosting and the way businesses store their data, permit employee collaboration and share information. Using the cutting-edge cloud technology, many organizations are now moving towards building solutions that stand to spark real change in their businesses and beyond.

Reliable, Innovative, Platform Agnostic and Agile.

To meet the requirements of the changing world, it’s high time the enterprises switch to cloud services that meet all their basic needs with modular and highly scalable applications. With Cloud computing service operational on both public and private cloud, it makes it more reliable, trusted service and innovative technology.

Worried about faulty hardware, network issues, and patching? You can now shift to cloud services which are designed to make use of applications and keep it constantly available even during failures. It is a great paradigm that easily redirects traffic from perplexed instances to the ones that are running efficiently.

Now, control your data, and your insight on your cloud!

Choosing cloud computing solutions gives you a competitive advantage, which is as follows:

  • Cost Reduction:
    Cloud computing applications help an organization reduce their overall cost. It also makes data storage and taking online backup easy.
  • Limited space:
    Increase the lifespan of your office machines by cloud computing and also eliminate the network routing space easily.
  • Reduced overhead cost:
    Cloud computing helps solve many IT issues and thus helping the small organization in lowering their overhead cost.

Why choose KCS as your Cloud Computing Service Provider?

KCS is a certified front-runner in the fraternity that manages the world’s leading cloud computing applications smoothly. Whether you have a large or small organization, KCS has expert solutions for you. We have highly skilled experts on board that will assist you fabricating the best cloud computing solution to meet all your requirements.

Develop and deploy immensely scalable applications and APIs on the cloud using KCS cloud computing services. The best way to achieve prodigious business results is using the cloud service, and once your application gets deployed, that’s it! All you have to do is just sit back and relax, while we will take care of monitoring, load-balancing, and the after delivery maintenance. Rest assure, your application is backed by one of the leading IT solutions provider – KCS!

Our portfolio includes Cloud computing Infrastructure services and network service application development. Our expert developers are skilled in working with three forms of cloud services:

  • PAAS: Platform as a Service – platform development in cloud
  • SAAS: Software as a Service – Cloud applications as a service
  • IAAS: Infrastructure as a Service – Infrastructure Cloud Computing or Networking

We are not just a hosting provider, we are one of your trusted service partner, on which you can rely to solve even your toughest problems. We are ISO 27001 certified for secured data centers. We offer immense safety, security, and reliability for IAAS and PAAS performance assurance, making us the first choice amongst the clients.