Smart Town


A fully integrated gated estate management software to manage day-to-day society activities smoothly and sync operations digitally!

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Smart Town- A Society Management Application


Smart Town is a fully integrated society management software that is specifically designed to sync daily society operations digitally. A smart solution for smarter living, it is a centrally controlled, single-point, mobile, and web application ideal for gated estate community members who love to stay connected to their neighbors and society on the go!

Empowered with IoT technologies and various hardware integrations, it makes life hassle-free for multiple stakeholders like estate managers, commercial property owners, facility providers, developers, and users. Get smarter about community security and accentuate user experience with Smart Town while we strive to build a smart living experience for you!

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Society Management Application

Key Features

Feature-packed & technology efficient web & mobile based platform having a 3-in-1 integrated modular approach.

Facility Management

Smart Town enhances community security standards, streamlines entry procedures, and unlocks a host of other facility operation to simplify society management and promote member convenience

Accounts & Data Management

Smart Town facilitates online society bills payment, document management, data management, etc. with a click of a button anywhere, anytime.

Social Collaboration

Smart Town promotes a better community experience by helping members with booking amenities, interact with neighbors, solve issues, etc. on the go!

Technical Integrations

Bringing in convenience, security, collaboration, and financial sustainability along with cutting-edge hardware integrations.
  • RFID & barcode

  • Automated gate

  • Biometric/retina

  • Escalator & access

  • Camera functions with AI/ ML analytics

  • RFID cards

  • Water meters, pump house, electrical systems integrations

  • GPRS-WiFi-wireless

Key Benefits

Smart Town offers numerous benefits to simplify daily operations and improve security standards around the gated communities.
  • Intuitive interface, loved by users aged 9 to 90!
  • Top-notch after-sales support service
  • Minimal hardware low investment tech
  • Quick set-up with possible hardware integrations
  • Access to private social network
  • Fully compliant with real-estate regulatory authority act.
  • One app for estate managers, commercial property owners & users


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