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SmartTown – A Complete Automated Solution for a smarter living

Over the last few decades, we have witnessed that technology has taken over every field, and have modernized the way people interact in the society. With this ever-evolving technology, it’s now time that even the societies/townships/cities cash in on the burgeoning advent of technology and transform into a smart city to live in!

Smarttown - Club management Software

Time is the witness, technology has changed the society throughout the history. Today almost every field revolves around technology! Over the last few decades, laptops, computers, and smartphones have completely overhauled the way people interact in the society.

The tech savvy users are constantly on their smart gadgets, thus demanding many smart applications to help them organize their life. There is an increase in the vogue for smart applications which has changed the definition of mobile apps from being just used for entertainment or for shopping to being more useful and informative. One such beautiful illustration of advancement in technology is the use of mobile apps to make smart cities!

Globally there is a rise in the number of societies or townships, management of which is a huge challenge in today’s lifestyles. A lot of condominiums are without a clue how to manage the functions smoothly? Thus many societies are looking for a smart mobile application that will aid in the better functioning of the society.

Smarttown - Club management Software

SmartTown is an online society management application designed to transform the cities smart and make the lives of the members more convenient and happy! It offers amazing features to break free from the restraints and manage the everyday affairs of the township, estate, internal functions etc. smoothly via one single easy-to-use mobile app.

Managing the societies/towns/cities has never been that easy! Now, your residence or your society is in the palm of your hands! Switch to the app for better connection and management of the townships.

This platform complements the convenience of the members by offering them a complete integrated communication as well as a management tool specially designed to meet all the requirements of the owners. Now book the society facilities, stay updated about the upcoming events/gatherings/meetings, manage all the tasks, manage all the members directories, make online payments, register your complaint or post a feedback and much more just at a click of a button!

SmartTown Features


SmartTown is a mobile and web application that runs on Android and iOS. It is highly functional, scalable and user-friendly and helps in managing the everyday affairs, society operations with transparency.

SmartTown for Smart cities! Transform your society into a smart living and simplify daily operations with SmartTown society management application.

  • Stay connected and build bonds effortlessly
  • Manage all the functions even when you are away
  • Your private social network to stay connected with your neighborhood.
  • Get notifications about all meetings, gatherings or celebrations
  • Get all emergency contact numbers at your fingertips
  • Quickly connect with all the service providers, vendors or sellers
  • Hassle free maintenance of society bills, online payments and much more
  • Highly functional and can store troves of valuable data

SmartTown Application Modules

Visitor Management

  • Visitor entry with proper authentications.
  • Visitor authorization at multiple level.
  • Visitor Arrival Alerts via email or Mobile App.
  • Visitor Entry through RF Tag & Card.
Society Invoice & Receipts Generation

  • Inward/outward billing
  • Generating monthly maintenance statements
  • Generate different invoice for different type of identity like Owner, Rental and Dormant.
  • Sending statements and specific notices to the society members.
Vehicle Management

  • Ability Add, Update and delete vehicle entry of each identity.
  • Log of In and out of every vehicle.
  • Auto vehicle entry using RF Tag.
Identity & Access Management

  • Ability Add, Update and delete personal and family and flat/unit details.
  • Manage different type of identity like Owner, Rental and Dormant.
  • Add Vendors and domestic staff details.
Report Management

  • Get account reports like ledger, member statement.
  • Get log report of SMS, email, visitor and vehicle.
  • Get Complaint and service request reports.
Events & survey

  • Upcoming Events schedule and details.
  • Past events photos.
  • Poll and Survey
Accounts & Payments

  • Add different type of vouchers, Receipt, payment and CR/DR notes.
  • Pay maintenance and extra charges bills.
Complaint & Service Request Management

  • Add Complaint & Service Request.
  • Check progress of Complaint & Service Request.
Communication management

  • Send Email/SMS/Mobile Notification to identities.
  • Send notification base on different filters.
  • Log of sent notifications.
Gate entry Management

  • Gate entry of family and domestic staff using thumb and card.
  • Log of In and out of family and domestic staff.


  • Web Admin: .NET, MVC architecture, Angular 2.
  • Mobile: Android,iOS


  • Android Application
  • Web Portal
  • RF tag Integrations
  • Biometric Integrations


Suitable for small or large scale townships or cities.