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Quality Assurance and Testing services

KCS - A One Stop Destination for all Mobile and Web Application Testing Services

Application Testing is the most critical to the integrity of the lifecycle of any software. Quality Testing & Assurance teams at KCS walk hand in hand along with all software development initiatives with an in-depth understanding across a range of Software Quality Assurance Standards, to ensure the best test coverage that drive software performance efficiency.

The key to high performance and an efficient application implementation is identifying issues with quality beforehand, defining performance parameters before going live for all platforms.

At KCS, Mobile Application Testing Services, Web Application Testing Services and Software Application Testing Services is not just about identifying defects. It is all about testing the application code, business cases, testing the usability aspects of a user interface, system performance and finally security. With a strong focus on fulfilling business objectives, customer experience & the performance efficiency, the KCS QA department with QA engineers has a sound experience in aiming to deliver flawless quality testing services.

We specialize in automation and manual testing on web applications, mobile applications and Standalone projects. Irrespective of the technology, platform, framework or industry solutions we can perform testing service to ensure the application or product is 100% bug-free.

The Application Testing & Software Quality Assurance teams have an experience of testing 2000+ applications over the years and have proven methodologies, best practices and knowledge base in place.

Some of the Application Testing & QC challenges that are addressed at KCS are as follows:

  • Identifying the appropriate user stories and test cases in the early development process and imbibe the insights into the development process.
  • Identifying and testing across an ever-changing range of technologies
  • Perform testing with real customer conditions and incorporate the feedback to developers. (BAT and UAT Feedback)
  • Choosing and using automated tools for continuous build, regression and deployment as developers commit new code to repositories.
  • Building true private cloud infrastructures that allow rapid scaling of test infrastructure for continuous testing of new builds, and/or adapting corporate security policies to allow QE&A staff to rapidly provision such environments in the cloud.
  • Automating all wait time activities, from requirements modeling and automation to non-GUI animation to service automation, test data, test design and regression automation and virtualization, as well as functions such as continuous build and integration to reduce costs and time to market.
  • Effectively using statistical process control to identify issues and solve problems earlier in the development cycle.
  • Choosing the proper predictors of defects to track and analyze, such as product size, development and test process, team capability, size and capacity, and defect profiles (severity, occurrence, recurrence, etc.)
  • Establishing the relationships, processes and knowledge-sharing tools to proactively work with business leaders and advocate for the customer.
  • Mitigating security, quality or other issues associated with the use of offshore skills or infrastructure.
  • Measuring the true business cost of defects, especially in the customer experience, to prove the value of preventing them and secure appropriate QE&A funding

Services provided for Testing at KCS are as under:

  • Web Application Testing Services
  • Software Application Testing Services
  • Mobile App Testing Services
  • Volume Testing Services
  • Real Time Data Testing Services
  • GUI Testing Services
  • Browser Compatibility Testing Services (W3C /Responsive/Browser functional)
  • OS Compatibility Testing Service
  • Load and Performance Testing Service
  • Security Testing Services
  • UAT Testing Services

QA Process and Methodology

  • Project kick off
  • Preparation of test cases
  • Test case review
  • Segregation of cases into manual and automation


  • Preparation of scripts and parameterization
  • Script enhancing and debugging
  • Execution of tests in multiple browser and operating system
  • Batch running of the scripts and defect logging
  • Detailed and summary reporting with charts using ANT reporting tool
  • Script maintenance
  • Frequent regression testing
  • Quality assurance

Manual Testing

  • Execution of logical test cases using manual skills
  • Bug Reporting using bug tracking tools like Bugzilla or Mantis or JIRA
  • Regression Testing
  • Quality Assurance

KCS QA Services Advantages

  • Optimum coverage of test cases as per use case scenarios
  • Meticulous testing in both automation and manual
  • Unlimited iteration of test case execution especially in automated testing
  • Frequent regression testing and rapid feedback to developers
  • Reliable
  • Flexible timings
  • Can work in both agile and waterfall methodology
  • Our ultimate objective is to guarantee that the clients secure the highest return on investment (ROI)
  • Experience in testing solutions in more than 500 industry spheres
  • Proven track record of engineering robust and cost efficient test releases

Testing Tools

  • Selenium web driver for functional automation testing
  • JMeter/Blazemeter for load and performance testing
  • Owasp for security testing
  • Sauce Labs for browser testing

Test Management Tools

  • Bugzilla
  • Mantis
  • JIRA
  • Appium
  • Monkop
  • Ranorex

Source Control Tools

  • SVN(software versioning and revision control system)
  • Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 (TFS)
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (VSS)

Project Management Tools

  • Assembla
  • Basecamp

Application Testing & QC services are offered in the following service models:

Proof of concept testing without any financial obligations

Automation or Manual testing with a dedicated QA Engineer on a fixed monthly cost. This is ideally suited for a software product or enterprise applications where development and testing are happening in the agile environment.

Dedicated offshore testing team at our offices: a team of dedicated QA engineers work as your own employees, they are fully managed by the client and the team directly reports to client

Fixed price Testing & QC service model for any web/mobile application project

Fixed amount of testing hours per month regardless of any project specifics with Time and Material service model