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KCS – A One Stop Destination for Business Analytics Consulting Service

Business Analysis is where the change begins. At KCS Business analysis articulates the need for change, how organizations should work with an IT environment. Business Analytics Services acts as a guide and lead business through unknown or un-mapped territory, to get it to its desired destination.

Business Analytics and Consulting by KCS is an exercise that aims to reduce the waste of time taken for technology development and it mainly has an objective to complete projects faster. Project delays are a costly affair. It affects Project costs; for every month of delay, the project team continues to rack up costs and expenses, secondly it also eats up the Opportunity costs - Opportunity costs come in two flavours - lost revenue and unrealized expense reductions.


Our business analytics consultant team utilizes various industry standard techniques as per the business needs and various business scenarios.

Following are the stage that are achieved for Business Analytics Services by KCS

  • Get oriented with business profile
  • Discover the primary business objectives
  • Define scope for technological development
  • Formulate business analysis plan
  • Define the detailed requirements
  • Support the technical implementation
  • Help the business implement the solution
  • Assess value created by the solution document

KCS Business Analyst acts as a bridge between business representatives, who need to solve business issues and developers, who understand the needs to tailor a solution for business. In a nut shell, KCS approach for Business Analytics Solution provides a defined path for the project, its initiation, its development, its implementation, successful execution and acceptance.