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Cloud Computing Services

Outperform your peers, manage the unpredictable and maximize the efficiencies of KCS Cloud Computing Services.

KCS provides scalable cloud computing solutions to clients across the globe through public, private and hybrid models with a comprehensive layer of managed cloud services that includes 24x7 automated monitoring, VM management and managed security of your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing technology has seen a major surge in the business world in the recent years, enabling global enterprises to unlock new opportunities to improve efficiencies in their business processes. At KCS, we help small or large enterprises become intuitively digital and scale their resources whenever there are heavy business demands by using the cloud as a part of their foundation.

We architect, design, build and manage scalable cloud infrastructure solutions to help our clients derive new insights and build new agile as well as flexible models for richer and more meaningful customer experience. Our cloud computing services are categorized into three basic types – Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS), Platform as a Services (PaaS), and Software as a Services (SaaS).

We have an association with few of the leading cloud service providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud which seamlessly integrates with your existing IT environment and help you achieve your business goals, greater resilience, and foster innovation.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Our cloud services based on Microsoft Azure cloud platform can help you deploy and scale powerful applications and API's that lets you move faster, achieve more in your business and save money. It is a foremost cloud platform for both IaaS and PaaS coupled with unmanaged as well as managed services.

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Amazon Web Services

Explore the benefits of Amazon Web Services with KCS that offers a wide spectrum of remote computing and cloud services solutions to fuel your business grow. Our end-to-end cloud consulting services includes data storage, networking, administration, security, analytics, application services, deployment, management, and more.

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Google Cloud Services

KCS leverage Google cloud computing services to provide complete security, boost productivity, infrastructure, and intelligent insights specifically engineered to help your business thrive. It helps you save money on IT staffing while allowing instant scaling of any online platform or solution on the cloud.

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DevOps Managed Services

At KCS, we implement practical and interactive cloud computing approach in combination with DevOps tools that increases organization’s ability to deliver applications as well as services at high velocity. We help with agile software development operations to better serve their customers and stay competitive in the market.

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Our Approach

Our best-practices driven cloud computing services allow enterprise get optimized connectivity to cloud and unleash true potential through powerful and resilient applications. We offer various cloud services like.

Cloud Strategy and Consulting

At KCS, we have proficient experts on board that can assist you fabricating the best cloud computing solution to meet all your requirements. We can guide you identifying the best business and IT drivers for cloud strategies, derive cloud roadmap and select the best platform.

Cloud Application Services

KCS is a certified front-runner in the fraternity that manages the world’s leading cloud computing applications and API’s smoothly. Whether you have a large or small organization, KCS has expert solutions for you.

Cloud Management Services

KCS’s cloud managed services provides administrative and monitoring capabilities over your cloud infrastructure. We provide a ready platform to run and manage your infrastructure on the cloud which covers monitoring, cloud management, planning, and automation.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

KCS offers agile cloud infrastructure services to unlock the full value of infrastructure automation seamlessly. Customers can now increase efficiency, cut costs, improve quality, explore new opportunities, and accelerate digital transformation in a controlled way.

Cloud Software Services

We are third-party hosting provider having ISO 27001 certified trusted service partner for robust cloud software services and secured data centers. We offer immense safety, security, and reliability for IAAS and PAAS performance assurance, making us the first choice amongst the clients.

Cloud Computing Services