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Cloud Computing Solution at KCS

KCS - A One Stop Destination for Cloud Computing Solution and Cloud Infrastructure Solution

Cloud Solutions speak for an IT-enabled organization. Cloud Computing Solution by KCS provides a guarantee to help organizations work more efficiently with enhanced productivity by giving a practical access to a technological innovation coupled with cost efficiency.

Gone are the days when setting up an entire data center, security, capacity planning, IT infrastructure execution, providing data backup and other data and scalability aspects were to be handled from start to end by an IT team. Cloud Computing is the mantra for elasticity that provides for scaling up and scaling down.

We possess the exact expertise required in providing consistent Cloud Services which helps to enhance the functioning of your business and help you achieve targets. Our Cloud Computing Solution is the mantra that provides the elasticity for scaling up and scale down.

Our Cloud Solutions team has years of experience and expertise for the most popular cloud infrastructure providers in the globe today. Innovations always require some genuine considerations. We have the expertise that considers the aspects of instrumentation, information administration, provisioning of applications and information security to blend of the use of any current legacy systems to a cloud solution.

Our Cloud Computing Services for AWS or Azure or IBM cloud. Our cloud computing solutions implemented by our world class framework consulting team clearly aims to reduce your TCO optimally.

Our Cloud Computing Solution is a package of the following expertise:

  • Setup & Configuration
  • Virtualization & Cloud Hosting
  • Migration or development and deployment of Enterprise Application / Portals
  • Database Management and Monitoring
  • Security & Identity Services
  • Disaster Recovery Solution