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Cloud Computing Services

Get support in your cloud journey. DevOps cloud solutions helps customers accelerate innovation and get to market faster.

Accelerate your customers' innovation with KCS DevOps solutions that helps define, build, manage, and release software in the cloud and on-premises.

Our DevOps solution includes:

  • Building ecosystem around Docker containers using configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet etc.
  • Product development support for making service container ready with Micro service architecture.
  • Cloud Integration for containers and supplementary tool chain.
  • Develop ecosystem and workflows around EC2 Container service.
  • Orchestration using Apache Mesos

Accelerate your production releases with KCS’s DevOps Cloud solutions enabling continuous delivery pipeline across cloud platforms for improved efficiency and reduced cost. With our critical industry-leading Devops tools coupled with stringent continuous integration and delivery process, we help enterprises transit from traditional manual process to automated systems allowing teams to spend less time on debugging and more time developing new features.

Cloud Computing Services

DevOps is one of the game changers accelerating collaboration, communication, integration as well as automation among development and operation. Our dynamic team of DevOps professionals combines years of industry experience in delivering Infrastructure, Development and Production Support Services. Our approach includes DevOps Assessment and Roadmap, Build DevOps pipelines, integrate the processes and tools, support and training.

Cloud Computing Services

Agile solutions delivered through DevOps:

We provide continuous delivery and integration using leading cloud service providers – Amazon Web Services, Google cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. We also deploy, manage and maintain private and hybrid clouds across any infrastructure using OpenStack.

DevOps helps bridging the gap between developers and operations using versatile practices, approaches and an evolving methodologies. It streamlines software development processes, IT operations, maintenance and aims at enhancing the cooperation and communications between two functions for the betterment of the organization.

Cloud Computing Services
Cloud Computing Services