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eCube- club management software

eCube - A complete club management software solution

There's no denying the fact that IT has played a major role in enhancing and bringing out the best experiences in the club and leisure industry. Leisure management is where it's a challenge to provide more than just facilities, it's about providing a seamless and a memorable experience.

ecube - Club management Software

Since today's tech-savvy hospitality customer is on the smartphones and tablets throughout their day, Hotel management has to take this opportunity and get to acquire each profile of their guests for each interaction they make at their club. For instance, reservations, concierge, check-ins, room service, spa, gym, etc. all of it has to be customized taking into account the needs and requirements of the club guests.

Leisure management is where it's a challenge to provide more than just facilities, it's about providing a seamless and a memorable experience. The eCube software solution is a complete leisure club management software solution that is tailored to fit perfectly to drive every clubbing functionality with maximum efficiency.

eCube is a web-based application for club membership management. eCube is ideal for Clubs, Resorts and Large Recreational Centers. The modules of eCube include; Gate entry management, Front-desk management, Membership Management, Customer Relationship Management, Restaurant management, Housekeeping & Inventory management features and finally the most important of all; Point of Sale management for entire transaction points of the club.

ecube - Club management Software

Investment for managing a club is inevitable, but they need to be smartly planned. Apart from offering a seamless technological advantage to a club, eCube offers huge benefits to the club management in pulling down the unproductive and unjustified time taken to keep track of day to day mundane activities.

eCube keeps track of all the pilferages and malpractices, increase optimum utilization of the resources available, simplifies the whole club management process into manageable chunks; reduces the money and time poured on managing daily transactions of your club and thus it smartly reduces the spend and creates an impact on the bottom line profits.

It is highly scalable and has a modular approach with intuitive user navigation. eCube is categorized into 3 Modules to suit any club operation as Base Module, Web Module & Mobile Module.

eCube Modules
  • Membership Management Create new memberships with every minute detail like fees, credit limit, duration and various concessions on the membership plans.
  • Corporate Membership Management Corporate members with special benefits and other parameters like debating rates for such members and provision to be paid by corporations or by members itself.
  • Service Package Subscription Packages for duration can be availed from the system as per the club norms.
  • Member Management Create and assign member codes, member and sub-member card numbers with all possible details. Specific I-card generation with access control over various entry points of the club.
  • Invoice Management Periodic Invoices can be generated and sent to the customers automatically.
  • Accounts Management Invoicing of the outstanding amount and payment of the same is handled with great care within the system to make it a complete suite.
Why use eCube?
ecube - Club management Software
  • Highly Scalable
    High usability and qualitative in every aspect, a unique product with ease and check both combined together.
  • Modular Approach
    Meticulous Observation molded into separate modules to cater the needs department wise rather than the business as a whole.
  • Easy User Navigation & Interfacing
    Considering the audience who are the end-users, user navigation and interface are the prominent factors that are taken care of.
  • Communicative
    Special care to clients goes side by side with Business care in the application.
  • Workflow Based Application Control
    A well-portrayed business concept well maintained understandability smooth workflow.
  • Entertainment,
  • Hospitality and Services Industry like Recreational clubs, Hotel Chains etc.
  • .Net Framework 2.0
  • MS SQL Server 2005
  • Web-based Platform