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eHSM – A Complete Hotel and Hospitality Management Software Solutions

There's no denying the fact that IT has a major role in enhancing customer experience and bring out the best in today's hospitality industry, where even the small business segment hotels have to expand their ways of doing business and transform to fulfill the expectations of today’s customer.

ehsm - Hospitality Management Software

Today’s tech-savvy travelers remain greatly dependent on their smartphones and tablets throughout their trips, Hotel Management has to capitalize on this opportunity and get to acquire each and every profile of their guests and capitalize each interaction they make at their hotel.

Marketing activity, information gathering, lead generation, online sales conversion, online reservations, concierge, mobile check-ins, room service, restaurant management, billing etc, all has to be taken into account to fulfill the needs and requirements of the customer.

eHSM is a Hotel Management Software Solutions that helps manage properties such as motels, inns, resorts, spas, eateries, restaurants etc. It is the cutting-edge technological tool which ensures the entire scope of property administration integrated into a single window with department specific modules that have multiple accesses as per assigned authorities.

The integrated form of eHSM has all required components where it also generates reports that are compliant to the government statutory and is amazingly easy to use. It is amongst one of the best Hospitality management software in India.

It is engineered to manage all aspects of Hospitality, Room Services and Restaurants, as well as CRM. A Hotel management solutions that offer a range of integrated modules to address to every aspect of property management.

With state-of-the-art technology and an extremely user-friendly system, the generalized version of eHSM also offers all the features required for Government-related and customized reports.

eHSM is designed to accommodate; hotels, motels, resorts, small hotel franchisees, restaurants, etc.



  • Discount/Complementary/Rate Customization/ Name Customization.
  • Controlled Access to Each of the Operations
  • Flexible Settlement Methods
  • Supports Direct Billing
  • Void Bills
  • Multiple Tax Structure
  • Customized Discount Structure

Food & Beverage Management

  • Global Menu Concept
  • Menu Groups and Menu
  • Multiple Outlet With separate Menu list
  • Complementary and Combo Setup

Order Management

  • KOT Management to each of the Captains
  • Remote Order Printing to Kitchen
  • Supports Room Service Management
  • Void / Amend / Transfer KOT
ehsm - Hospitality Management Software

Payment & Financial Accounting

  • Food Costing
  • Cost and Sales Budgeting
  • Sales Day Book / Collection Summary
  • Settlement Summary
  • Night Audit
  • Income Head Wise Sales


  • Tax Collection
  • Bill / Cashier summary
  • User Management
  • Government Reports
  • Business Summary

Room Reservation Management

  • Reservation Management
  • Walk-In Guest Management
  • Company Guest Management
  • Guest Database Repository
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Room Service Management
  • Banquet Booking Management
  • House Keeping Management


  • Check Out and Billing Procedure
  • Telephone EPABX Integration with LAN
  • Payment
  • Company Accounts Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • MIS Reports
  • Government Reports
  • Business Summary

Inventory & Stores

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Approval
  • Stores Consumption
  • Stores Scrap Management
  • Purchase Order


  • OrderBilling
  • GRN - Multiple Order to one GRN
  • Financial Accounting
  • Issue Indent
  • MIS Reports
Why use eHSM?
  • Booking of Rooms in No Time
  • Generating Customer Invoices
  • Booking Venues Within the Hotel
  • Producing Reports on Daily basis
  • Increase in the Percentage of Occupancy
  • Automatic Check on Room Tariff
  • Avoid Duplication and Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Employee Productivity
  • Immediate Information to Guests on Availability to Your Guests
  • Scope for error has been reduced completely and any kind of mistake can be prevented from occurring. Allows staff to focus more on the services being provided to your guests
  • Complete Restaurant Management System
  • Well Organized Inventory Management System
  • Control Pilferages and Malpractices


  • Hospitality
  • FMCG
  • Services
  • Entertainment


  • .Net Framework 2.0
  • MS SQL Server 2005
  • Web-based Platform