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H-connect – Integrated Health Information System with Health Analytics and Patient Relationship Management System

It is the new age Global Health Hub that partners with its various stakeholders like Patients, Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Research facilities, NGO's, Heath Workers, Insurance providers, the Employers, the cooperates, the payee's and the payer and helps improve the global health delivery systems for health care needs of the society

H-Connect -Healthcare IT Solutions

Empowering you with health management!

H-Connect is a software-as-a-services portal for acquiring, accessing & reviewing electronic health records to suit the needs of all stakeholders in the healthcare domain. Whether you are a hospital providing specialized health care, a physician with an independent clinic, a clinical Laboratory or a patient using all these facilities, a research organization wanting epidemiological data or the Ministry of Health governing the health of society for planning, we have a solution for all your needs

H-connect can sync with all standard Hospitals/ Labs/ Clinics and their Management Systems to provide the outcome as e-Health wallet to patients. It helps enable the CRM function and business analytics to health care provider

H-connect has 5 types of modules

H-Connect EHR

H-Connect EHR

A comprehensive Electronic Health Record (EHR) assisting physician with healthcare delivery and health information access, retrieval and exchange

A powerful solution catering to all needs of the following:

  • Physicians and Physician Groups.
  • Specialty and Multi-Specialty Hospitals.
  • Community Hospitals.
  • Patients.
health Connect E-wallet

H-Connect e-Health Wallet

A personal health information management solution integrating old medical records with prospective health information from hospitals, doctors and laboratories for comprehensive health information like hospital file, prescription, discharge summary, investigation reports etc. at a single source, which can be accessed anytime anywhere

A powerful solution to monitor health for the individual:

  • The health enthusiast - wanting to stay fit.
  • The concerned individual - just diagnosed with High Blood Pressure/Diabetes.
  • The Regular Patient - who undergoes lab investigations or health procedures.
H-Connect - e-Health Governance

H-Connect G

An "e-Health Governance" solution to facilitate national and local-level planning to improve efficiency and healthcare performance in society

A comprehensive solution for the following public bodies/organizations:

  • Governments.
  • Health Ministries.
  • Research Institutes.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).
H-Connect Health Analytics

H-Connect Analytics

Portal based and easy to use that provides the right access controls to disseminate the analysis down to the right decision making stakeholder group to take appropriate and timely action


  • Tremendously huge Analytics Library with clinical dashboard and business dashboards.
  • Trend analysis over sequential time periods with intuitive visualization.
  • Drill-down to deeper levels of consolidation and Customizable stratification filters.
  • Provides the platform to end-user for generating Ad-hoc reports and schedule reporting system.
Hconnect - Patient Relationship Management

H-connect PRM (Patient Relationship Management)

Effective patient relationship management is a key to meeting rising standards for patient-centred care, decreasing healthcare costs, and improving outcomes

  • Manage your patient relationships, control the referral process, and optimize the acquisition and retention of patients.
  • Reach to end customer directly and inform them about your hospital/labs and its activities etc.
  • Send critical message and reminders.
  • Provide hospital/lab mobile application with patient’s medical record.