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Software Solution for hospitality and leisure Industry

Hospitality Management Software Solutions for Hospitality and Leisure Industry

Today Technology tools have reached sufficient functionality and maturity to become truly a competitive asset to hospitality managers. Today’s technology for hospitality not only helps drive a business to its success but also makes the customer feel like a King

Hospitality and leisure industry is about innovative ideas for customer service with style since ages. Facing operational challenges is the everyday nature of the daily business. It takes a balancing act to manage Manpower, Inventory, Purchase, Room Bookings, Travel, Logistics, Food & Beverage management, Restaurant and Banquets Maintenance, Sales & CRM and many more functions that vary as per the project or the property.

There is increasing competition to provide best-ever services in the Hospitality solution, with the setting in of new age services trends. As technology advances, the hospitality industry evolves with several innovative ideas to facilitate comfort and reduce management costs at the same time increase efficiency.

A Hospitality Management Software Solution that brings the charm to managing such a complex business by stabilizing the operations significantly and raising your market value to its optimum. KCS has created a suite of applications for the industry to invigorate the business in all spheres using our experience of 17 years in the industry.

KCS provides tools that assist hospitality and leisure organizations through a continuum of more intelligent Hospitality management solutions, investigation and brilliant reporting innovations. This helps minimize their expense of operations, brings the functions together and drives business viability and proficiency through technological advancements.

KCS has delivered its own distinctive PMS and POS solutions that are customized to every client’s specific needs. We have developed our own products eHSM and eCube that have proven to be successful for over a decade with 40 plus successful implementations at large scale hotel and club properties. We have also integrated and delivered Membership Management Modules along Mobility module and CRM solutions for several leisure and business clubs.


  • Booking of rooms in no time
  • Generating customer invoices
  • Booking venues within the hotel
  • Producing reports on daily basis
  • Increase in the percentage of occupancy
  • Automatic check on room tariff
  • Avoid duplication and customer dissatisfaction
  • Employee productivity
  • Immediate information to guests on availability to your guests
  • When it comes to hospitality and leisure, there is absolutely no scope for error. It allows the staff to ensure customer-centric services that fit in comfortably for your guests
  • Complete restaurant management system
  • Well organized inventory management system
  • Control pilferages and malpractice


  • Highly Scalable: High usability and qualitative in every aspect, a unique product with ease and check both combined together.
  • Modular approach: meticulous observations, moulded into separate modules to cater the needs department wise.
  • Easy User Navigation & Interfacing: considering the audience who are the end-users, user navigation and interface are the prominent factors that are taken care of.
  • Communicative: Special care to clients goes side by side with Business care in the application.
  • Workflow Based Application Control: Well portrayed business concept, Well-maintained easy to understand, Smooth workflow.