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Inet -Intranet Management Software

iNet – A Complete Intranet Information Management Software Solution

In the ever-evolving digital world of today, organizations are left with no other choice but become a digital organization. In order to succeed, going digital is one of the prime aspects that needs to be taken into account by every business.

Inet -Intranet Management Software

Transforming into a digital organization requires going through four phases which begin with an advent of changing the organizational mindset, and proceed further to digitization, automated engagement and lastly, advanced change.

Each organization ought to execute several stages of digitalization in order to get to the next stage. And it also doesn't imply that the change for being an advanced automated organization will be the same for every one of them.

iNet helps associations in dealing with organizational information, applications and data, all the more effortlessly. The web-based platform is customized considering the definite need of the customer's business criteria and work processes.

The intranet management solution helps integrate the different features of work the process, task management, MIS reports, records and even help plan organizational meetings and event gatherings.

Inet -Intranet Management Software

The intranet management software has been specifically designed keeping in mind the end goal of being able to easily coordinate yet practically communicate with the human resource personnel, help conduct their daily tasks, help keep a track of customers’ requirements and its CRM activities, the sales representatives and its suppliers to the organization.

iNet is an Intranet information system that collaborates seamlessly with enterprise information and its applications, within the boundaries of any company or an organization.

iNet helps to create and manage company profiles, contact management, tasks, projects, human resource, CRM, sales and document management along with customized workflows. It is cloud enabled and also integrates platforms like Exchange, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One drive, Yammer and communication tools like Skype.

iNet also incorporates Workflow Management, Project Management, MIS Reports, Documents and discussion forums to help virtually interact with the clients, employees and service providers to any organization.

iNet can be used on Microsoft Office 365 app store as well as integrate current Microsoft Cloud plans for any kind of business needs.

Why use iNet?


  • Update on important strategic goals
  • Target specific groups within the organization
  • Facilitate collaboration by providing your employee resources and critical information


  • Provide the power to create and manage their own work groups.
  • Target specific groups within the organization.
  • Share important documents and shaping efficiency.

Customer Service

  • Enable customer relationship management in a robust way.
  • Improve your customers' satisfaction with responsive and informed staff.
  • Maintain a customer database.


  • Utilize employee profiles, products, and services to attract new and strong talents.
  • Keep your organization agile, scalable, and growing
  • Give your team the tools they need to access just the content they want and when they want it

Corporate Culture

  • Integrates department to department seamlessly and helps employees appreciate being a part of something larger by constantly reinforcing.


  • Suitable for all industries and companies of any type and size.


  • SharePoint 2013