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Unleash the power of Innovation with KCS’s comprehensive and highly scalable IOT applications & Services

As one of the Leading Software Development Service provider in India, KCS renders a one-stop destination for IoT Software Development as well as IoT Hardware Consulting Solutions. We strive to transform your ideas into reality. We deliver excelled and best IOT App development solutions that are captivating, engaging, and transparent.

The Internet of things is definitely here to transform the way of working and living with its profound impact on almost every aspect of life as well as every industry. Various organizations fail to build an effective infrastructure to meet the dynamic requirements of high scalability, security, sensibility, regulations, and information management.

IoT renders seamless flow of information between the management systems while connecting remote applications and machines. Strategic insights and business processes can be made more efficient with IoT-enabled solutions. Also, real-time information elevates processes while adding value through best usage and correct decision making.

Create the Digital Nexus with our advance IoT Services

We deliver unmatched IoT solutions to our clients by accelerating opportunities for data acquisition, development environments, data acquisition, and both front and back-end applications. Our IoT application Development service include:

We are passionate about providing solutions that deliver value to your customers, partners, and businesses. The services for IoT applications Development include:

  • IoT Consulting Services Embark your IoT journey with powerful business insights. Our professionals will demonstrate IoT will work magic for you with their comprehensive knowledge of assets management, facilities management, connected products, and digital operations.
  • Data Integration Services We render our experience and expertise to organize your data. Achieve successful project implementation with cloud-based integrated services, wired/wireless protocols, and a dedicated team of 24/7 offering managed services for powerful IT infrastructure.
  • Sensory Networks We provide sensory networks to match patterns and accelerate content processing. Gain the benefit of our extensive experience with ModBus, ZigBee, Bluetooth, Profitnet, and Wifi technologies. We are an active member of the EnOcean Alliance.
  • Gateway solutions for IoT Our custom Gateway Solutions enable you to securely filter, aggregate and share data for analysis. Our Stellar solutions ensure that the data generated through devices can travel safely from the edge to the cloud and back without the need to replace the existing infrastructure. Allow compatibility between end-user devices and sensor networks with our gateway solutions.
  • Sensors-to-Senses Services We deliver edge-to-edge communication ranging from the enhancement of short-range and wide-range sensor network, to design, development, and deployment of smart device apps.
  • Cloud-based IoT ApplicationsOur professionals develop, design and integrate IoT devices with Data Analytics and Cloud-based SaaS applications to gain better insights.
  • Mobility Solutions for IoTWith our intuitive UI/UX, leverage ‘delight’ to your end users. We provide high-quality mobility solutions and services to integrate technology, systems, content, and device expertise while ensuring the enhanced digital experience for end-users.