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Custom Software Development Solution for Media and Entertainment Industry

The Media & Entertainment industry is about content and its substance, technology is what enables content makers to deliver it to its viewers and shoppers.

Our rich involvement in overhauling the media business with our Software Solution for Media and Entertainment offerings has helped in several ways to convey the innovative technological arrangements it requires.

KCS has brought in advanced technology and expertise to the Media Industry by developing live Video Streaming Solutions for media channels for mobile platforms.

KCS has also developed Innovative Content Delivery Systems combining it with Augmented Reality on mobile applications and has provided new media delivery tools to various clients across globe.

KCS is also proven as a Media and entertainment software development provider for point of sale systems, online booking and ticketing systems for the entertainment and media industry.

KCS specializes in Media Portal Development or Content Delivery Systems Development, with transaction support and backend content management for TV (cable channels, national and local), Film (studios, cinemas, retail), Site-based entertainment portals, Internet media companies and Music. We have helped our clients meet the challenges of new technologies that are reshaping pricing, business models, and competition.