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MobiTrade - Sales Force Management Software

Mobitrade - A Complete Sales Force Management System

Innovation is changing organizations and disturbing whole commercial enterprises. One of those commercial enterprises that have been intensely influenced by the same is sales department.

MobiTrade - Sales Force Management Software

Witnessing the mobility-based sales access to everything is steadily rising. It has become a dire requirement for brands that they expand with customer's demands.

As brands showcase everyday innovations to their customers, sales response and efficiency also need to re-align it to fulfill the equivalent expectations of every customer. It's not just about obliging the rising expectations of today's customers, it is also about organizations profiting by moving sales with the help of technology.

From prospecting to shutting, today's versatile, social, huge information, and cloud advances are patching up the business procedures. The highly extended manual procedure connected with putting in and execution of purchase requests is a thing of past. It’s high time for the business cycle to function through something more high tech and smart. Flourishing easily is more critical than simply actuating.

Mobitrade is a Sales Force Solution that gives a fine touch to your client's requirements their background and its fulfillment. It also helps shoot up your sales force with portability and upgrades your efficiency too.

Mobitrade is a sales force management system that allows to making the best utilization of field staff, reducing response time, travel time, logistical and operational costs while improving field sales visibility.

MobiTrade - Sales Force Management Software

Product Overview

It allows you to make the best utilization of field staff, reducing response time, travel time, logistical and operational costs while improving field service visibility.

  • Capable of working in offline mode as well. Statuses are maintained for offline order generations
  • GPRS connectivity for online data sync. This is required to check the stock and allocate stocks against new order booked on real time basis
  • Data sync when the device is online
  • Centralized management of data
  • Placing of orders in no time with the shipping details as well
  • Proof of order confirmation through digital signature
  • Invoicing to customers the next moment orders are placed and accepted
  • Communications with the customers thereby leaving the customer to feel the importance
Why MobiTrade?


  • Enhances sales force productivity.
  • Assists in the Stock management and aids in speedy and precise planning.
  • Keep track of assets distributed in the market.
  • Boosts Cost reduction on a larger scale.
  • Improve field service visibility for management and for customers.
  • Reduced customer billing lead time
  • Improved field ticket accuracy and compliance with order management
  • Augments Customer satisfaction thereby enhancing the goodwill to the company.


  • FMCG
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Newspaper and Magazine
  • Computer Hardware and Peripheral
  • Electronics and Electrical


The app is developed for Android tablets.

  • Environment - Android, Eclipse