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Smart Town- society management app

Smart Town - Township Management App for Smarter Living

With this ever-evolving technology, it's time that the societies/townships cash in on the burgeoning advent of
technology and transform into a smart city to live in! Introducing "Smart Town" A complete automated solution to manage day-to-day society
operations with transparency & hassle-free.

Smart Town- township management app

Digital technology has changed the face of the world. With laptops, smartphones or computers taking its toll on the society, it has changed the way people live, work and play. The tech savvy users are in constant need of smart apps which help them organize their life.

In recent times, there is an upsurge in the number of societies or townships offering a wide range of amenities and other features. Management of such large condominiums is often a challenge in today's busy lifestyle. Therefore, today's tech-savvy generation have a need of a smart app to interact with the society effortlessly. This is where "Smart Town" Mobile and Web app steps in!

"A fully automated Mobile & Web app conceptualized to reduce township complexities and provide a secure
and hassle-free lifestyle through integrated services!"

Smarttown- township management app

Tired of maintaining confusing excel sheets, unpaid bills, or vehicle details? Not able to resolve society complaints quickly or track due maintenance? Often, the society managing committee faces problem handling the day-to-day affairs and operations smoothly! Due to lack of appropriate tools complex operations get delayed, are full of errors and are time-consuming.

Smart Town is a township management app designed to simplify the society management and operations thus, transforming the lives of society members. An initiative by Krish Compusoft Services (KCS), which has an industry experience of over 17 years delivering a plethora of quality solutions to its customers globally.

With one of the easiest and the fastest app, management of large condominiums has never been that easy! This is a customized, one-stop solution mobile and web app, which provides a complete integrated platform for the committee members, residents, owners, builders, vendors and any other individual for interacting with the society effortlessly.

It offers amazing features to break free from the restraints and cope up with the everyday affairs of the township smoothly via one single, easy-to-use mobile app. Now, your residence or your township is in the palm of your hands! Switch to the app for better connection and management now.

App's core features

This is feature-packed, technologically efficient app having 3-in-1 integrated modular application.

Identity & Access Management

Easily add family, vendors, and staff details for authorized identity and access management.

Vehicle Management

Track real-time information on all the incoming and outgoing vehicles for safety.

Billings & Receipts Generation

Now pay due maintenance or extra charge bills on the go from anywhere, anytime.

Visitor management

Keep a check on all incoming and outgoing visitors with proper authentications.

Online Payments

The online payment gateway makes it easy and hassle free for the members to clear undue bills.

Accounts Management

Manage all the documents, receipts, and your personal account from a single window smoothly.

Events & Social Collaboration

Get notified for all the upcoming events. Also scroll through the past event photos easily

Service Request and Complaints

Raise complaints and service requests to the society committee effortlessly.

Society Club Management

Know about all the happening in the club just on one click.

Smarttown- township management app Features


Smart Town - Mobile and Web App runs on Android and iOS. A highly functional, scalable and user-friendly app helps to manage the day-to-day affairs, society operations effortlessly and hassle-free.

  • Fully Automated and Integrated Platform
  • Automated Billing & Online Payments
  • Notifications via Email / SMS
  • Events & Social Collaboration
  • Stay connected and stay bonded
  • Manage Members, Vendors, buyers and sellers
  • Get notified about all the events
  • Gateway and Vehicles Management
  • Authorized and cohecive Security

Technical Integration

Automated Gate Controls

Biometric /Retina Scanners

Vehicle Smart Tags

Access Control

RFID Cards

Elevator Controls

Payment Gateway

Kiosk & Touch Integrations

Support by Smart Town


First level support for any queries and clarifications. Unlimited during the tenure of this contract.


Second level support for any issues will be provided by our product support specialist during office hours. up to 20 hours

Personal Visit

Third level support for any major issues will be provided which are physical in nature for installation or any integration.

Resource Support

Onsite support resource for the initial tenure of 3 months will smoothen the entire deployment process at site.

Training Manual

We shall also provide Training Manual which covers step by step process of each function.

Training Videos

Training Videos will be provided for the guidance and product understanding.