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In this digital era, organizations capture huge amount of data from various sources like social media, internet, downloads, raw data
from myriad sources and much more. It’s time, enterprises harness this data strategically to identify important insights for
precise decision making and to gain competitive advantage!

Introducing Techalitic - A colossally essential technological platform for enterprises to get accurate future
predictions out of the historical data available!


We live in a digital era where the basis of commercial information has drastically evolved. Organizations, now capture huge amount of data to streamline their business, apply analytics and get significant value from it.

In this data-driven age, where data are woven into every function and sector of the global economy, enterprises will have to invest in big data technology to utilize their wealth of data to its full potential. This is when Techalitic will help organizations uncover hidden patterns, important insights and other correlations from their complex business-critical data to gain valuable insights on customers and refine their marketing efforts accordingly!

"A cloud-based predictive analytics application to identify and predict trends in real-time from big data streams"

Techalitic cloud-based predictive analytics application

Techalitic is a cloud-based predictive analytics application that identifies and predicts trends in real-time from big data streams, including social media analytics. Our service allows our customers and partners to help track, benchmark and optimize online performances by identifying emerging news, events, and influencers that have high viral potential and market impact.

This is the era of visual analytics at the speed of thought. A modern enterprise needs modern set of analytics – supporting big data and gain on business insights is the way to go and enhance business initiatives. At KCS, we provide a simple, intuitive, and collaborative ways to visually interact with data to solve business problems.

We enable interactive data visualization at any scale from billions of rows of data to real time streams in less than a second. Our innovative technology accelerates time-to-big-data-insight by removing complexities that prevent traditional BI and analytics application users put the power of big data to use. Our Big Data, BI and Analytics Services include:

  • ETL (Extraction, Transformation Loading-Data cleansing, Filtering, Deduplication)
  • Unstructured, Structure Data Handling, Data Modeling
  • Data Convergence, Large Data Searching
  • NLP (Natural Language Programming)
  • Machine Learning
  • Analytics (Insights, Visualization)
  • Artificial Intelligence