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Google cloud partners in Milwaukee
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3 reasons why you should hire top google cloud partners in Wisconsin

What is Google Cloud Platform?

In order to understand the concept of Google Cloud Partners, we need to know the basics of the public cloud. Public cloud is nothing but a platform that makes use of a standard cloud computing model to exhibit resources like virtual machines that are available to the users remotely. Public cloud services can be free or availed using a wide range of customizable subscription packages or on-demand pricing schemes. It can also reduce the requirements of an enterprise to invest in and manage their on-premise IT infrastructure. Clients have the option to pay for only what they use. Moreover, the public cloud can also increase the scalability of meeting workload and user demands as well.

In simple terms, Google Cloud Platform is nothing but a group of public cloud computing services rendered by Google. Particularly, Google makes available the services it utilizes to any software developer upon payment. Customers do not pay for the machine but the resources the machine uses. It improves and supports individuals and businesses to develop and run the software.

What does Google Cloud Partners do?

When an app or software is executed on the Google Cloud Platform, the GCP partners in Madison carefully tracks all the resources it uses. In order to be specific, the processing power, database queries, data storage, and network connectivity that it needs.

When is it used?

Generally, enterprises hire top Google cloud partners in Wisconsin when they want to develop and execute an application that can leverage the power of hyper-scale data centers in some way: in order to reach users globally, or to borrow sophisticated analytics and AI functions, or to use a huge data storage, or to gain the benefit of cost efficiencies.

Why you should hire GCP partners in Milwaukee?

Let us understand how Google cloud partners in Milwaukee help enterprises to adopt Google Cloud Platform.

1. They help to automate the deployment of the latest apps:This helps developers to deploy their cutting-edge applications for a conventional platform in the Google Cloud.

2. They also offer creative cost control:On the contrary to just offering the services at competitive costs, Google cloud partners in Madison make it creative by rendering some value-added services like deleting the unused objects over a fairly good period.

3. They provide a user-friendly approach: op Google cloud partners in Wisconsin provide a step by step guide for their new customers to set their Google Cloud platform and assure hassle-free user experience.

Google cloud partners in Wisconsin

Services offered by Google Cloud Platforms

  • Google Compute Engine (GCE): With the help of Google Compute Engine, customers can host virtual machines. One thing that everyone should know about GCE is that it is an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE): It helps customers to manage and adapt the Docker containers that are structured for the deployment on cloud platforms.
  • Google App Engine: Using Google App Engine, you can equip the developers with tools and language to access Google’s scalable hosting. The process used is known as cloud-native development. It is different from the local development of the application and a remote deployment in the cloud.
  • Google Cloud Storage: Google Cloud Storage helps customers to store large and unstructured data sets. It also depicts the data to the user in the most useful manner.

Application integration and development services one can get from GCP partners in Madison

  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Google offers instant messaging services to exchange messages between applications.
  • Google Cloud Endpoints:This service helps developers to build restful APIs (an application program interface that utilizes HTTP requests to GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE data) based services and make them accessible to other clients.

Other services offered by Google Cloud Platform

  • Load balancing
  • Anycast DNS servers
  • Direct network interconnections
  • Monitoring and logging

Higher-level services one can avail from Google cloud partners in Madison

Higher-level services mean big data and machine learning related services. Here is some of the list of higher-level services you can get from GCP partners in Milwaukee:

  • Google Cloud Dataflow: Data processing, services from Google for both batches, and real-time data streaming apps.
  • Google Big Query: Processes very large read-only datasets.
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load): These three individual functions are incorporated into a single, efficient, tool.


Hiring Top Google cloud partners in Wisconsin is not only cost-effective, but you also benefit from one of the biggest networks globally. This means less latency and more accurate compute prices as data can be processed in less time. Today live migration of virtual machines is the latest and most important differentiator when we are talking about comparing other cloud hosting providers. If you are planning to hire GCP partners in Milwaukee, your search ends with KCS. KCS is a leading Google Cloud Partners in Madison helping enterprises to adopt the powerful Google Cloud services into their business. They have a team of professionals who have helped clients from all over the globe in integrating various cloud services.

Google cloud partners at Wisconsin

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