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Hconnect – A Health Records Management software Solutions


H-Connect is a SaaS for acquiring, accessing and reviewing electronic health records to suit the needs of all stakeholders in the healthcare domain. It is an integrated health record management software with health analytics, business intelligence, and patient relationship management to better maintain the quality of patient through digital transformation.

H-Connect is formulated by a group of medical and health care professionals along with technical experts. It offers seamless data integration, global access, unified reporting, alerts, as well as, analytics and research information and aims to change the health matrix across the globe. Our robust product helps a broad range of organizations from small physicians to large hospital systems to healthcare organizations and drastically improves their performance as well as patient’s health.

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Product Modules

Discover our integrated health portal divided into different modules that will improve efficiency and enhance the quality of care.

Digital Health Wallet

Reserve health records, profile, tools, and services in a secure, private, and confidential environment with digital health wallet.

Digital Health Practice

Improve treatment, care and doctor-patient communication with a heterogeneous healthcare software solution to redefine healthcare industry.

Digital Health Analytics

Digital Health Analytics allows you to garner new insights over important health parameters for personalized care while optimally utilizing resources.

Key Features

Maximize the power of digitization in the Healthcare industry with our feature-rich solution to improve patient’s health in a more productive manner.
  • Health repository

  • Integrated health platform

  • Health calculation

  • Health education

  • Appointment management

  • PRM & analytics

  • Operational, clinical & financial analytics

  • Quality indicators

Key Benefits

Leverage the power of technology to enhance your healthcare practice! H-Connect offers various benefits to drastically serve doctors and patients through the medium of digital transformation.
  • Personalized & confidential medical record repository
  • Secure communication with doctor or hospital
  • Reminder for medicine, appointment & insurance
  • Health analyses & family health management
  • Emergency share
  • Improved patient retention
  • Anytime, anywhere access to medical record
  • Data standardization & unification on the basis of medical standards
  • Schedule reports on email
  • Real-time / Historical data


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