Enabling data convergence by breaking down data & application silos and simplifying data lifecycle for insights-driven business transformation.

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Konfluence - A Self-Serving Data Engineering Platform


Konfluence is a self-serving data engineering platform that breaks down data & application silos and simplifies data lifecycle to empower organizations with deeper insights for smarter decision making. Enterprise users and software engineers can now get an aerial view of their data to tackle complex data-driven problems through an integrated suite of analytics, stream and batch data processing, data warehousing, operational database, IoT, AI, ML, & deep learning.

The cloud-based platform combines enterprise-grade centralized security, governance, and management capabilities and unites tools and teams with universally accessible, real-time customer data to fuel businesses with a strategic data-driven solution.

Experience your data your way with the universal enterprise data hub that intelligently orchestrates your data on any given enterprise system across major industries.

Services of Konfluence

Service Offerings

Discover the universal enterprise data hub to experience your data your way!

AI and Analytics

Embed the transformative power of AI and data & analytics across all your business functions to achieve more with data

Business Intelligence

Apply decision science using business & informed intelligence to accelerate fruitful decision making and speed-to-value

Data Monetization

Preparing enterprises to face future opportunities driven by insights to innovate in unexplored directions and amplify outcomes.

Data Visualization

Supporting organizations to understand complex patterns in data sets for better insights as compared to traditional enterprise reporting

Data Framework

Get the most out of your data and act on identified information through data management and latest big data frameworks

Enterprise Data Management

Manage data storage, movement, data integration, transformation, and management to break down complexities and deploy accurate insights

Data Science

Accelerate machine learning from research to production with the secure, self-service enterprise data science platform built for the enterprise.

Data Warehouse

A modern data warehouse that delivers an enterprise-grade, hybrid & multi-cloud solution environment designed for self-service analytics.

Operational DB

The platform delivers secure, low-latency, high-concurrency experience to get real-time insights for modern data-driven business

Platform Capabilities

Power-packed with multiple capabilities, get hold of the one & only modern data processing solution
  • IoT, AI, ML integrated suite of analytics

  • Consolidate data silos

  • Extensive reporting

  • Built-in version control

  • High throughput file and object

  • Massive parallel architecture

  • Seamless, native scale-out

  • High data security

  • Unify and share data

  • Multi-dimensional performance

  • Farewell to data lake

Why use Konfluence?

A cloud-first integrated solution – all your enterprise needs to become a truly data-driven enterprise!


Complete visibility
and transparency


Flexible, scalable, and
secured solution

On-premise, hybrid,
multi-cloud environment

Integrated cost-effective



Low-latency & high
concurrency operational DB

Better sales
insights and ROI


Blending data with the latest technologies to get the most out of your data


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