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Category: Hi-Tech

Google Flutter - a game-changer in the realm of cross-platform mobile app development

When it comes to mobile app development, enterprises don’t restrict themselves to only a single platform. They look for solutions that run on both Android and iOS platforms, giving rise to the popular cross-platform app development. It is a framework that offers a wide range of features and tools to code all in one go, no matter the operating system.

The market is flooded with various cross-platform tools, but Google Flutter wins the game! Flutter is making headlines these days enabling companies to jump on the bandwagon to use the next-gen technology to create beautiful native iOS and Android apps quickly. Recently, Google has rolled out an open source repository named Fuchsia OS. And you know what, all the applications for this new operating system will be developed using the Flutter SDK!

So, it’s time for organizations to brace themselves up for the next wave of technology hitting the market where cross-platform app development will be the next big thing!

So, what is flutter?

Supported by Google, Flutter is one of the best open-source cross-platform tools that uses Dart and a collection of native widgets to create stunning & super-fast mobile UI frameworks for apps.

To enhance the application performance, Flutter uses an Ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled language to directly communicate with the native code without bridge and context switching. This allows developers to build complex mobile applications without affecting the start-up times, performance and speed.

Developers can now instantly rebuild the application as if it were a web page using the amazingly useful feature hot reload. It not only eliminates the time to restart the entire application every time one makes some changes, but picks up from where they leave. Unlike other cross-platform tools like Xamarin or React Native, Flutter is different, full of unique widgets, and doesn’t rely on platform-specific UI components.

Flutter works on its own widgets like the Material design for Android and Cupertino for iOS. But if used vice versa, Cupertino can work and look amazing on Android as well. Using Skia – an open-source 2D graphics library, Flutter renders robust frameworks with built-in UI-component.

Flutter has its own widget with unique layouts for every single element on the screen which greatly simplifies the application layout designing. The layout being relatively small unlike other tools, it’s easier to optimize making the whole application comfortable and easy to handle. Also, Flutter is device compatible. From iOS 8.0 to Android Jelly Bean, Flutter is compatible with any operating system version.

What makes ‘Flutter’ the ultimate winner from other cross-platforms toolkits?

  • Helps design beautiful apps from a single codebase
  • Create faster and productive apps
  • Rapid Development Process
  • Expressive and Flexible UI
  • Robust Native Performance
  • Flutter has Impeccable Documentation
  • Helps you build your own widget
  • Modern edge with most modern layouts
  • It is not a language but an SDK
  • The unified app development platform


Currently, Flutter is the most promising cross-platform tool offering an awesome opportunity to build elite and unique mobile applications which can fit all your custom requirements. Being quite friendly than other tools, Flutter will soon become the new definition for cross-platform development!

At KCS, we have skilled experts on board who are already using Flutter to develop a number of mobile applications for organizations in any industry vertical. Contact us today to discuss your application idea and we will do our best to help you outperform your competitors.

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