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5 Essential Steps for Digital Transformation and Why Right Tech Consulting is Important

Technology is no more a choice for a business, it has now become the essential element for the survival. When the core value of an organization changes from ‘survive’ to ‘thrive’, a need of digital transformation is automatically generated. Digital Transformation is not a recently developed term. It has affected enterprises and has the capabilities to influence their future.

In fact, a recent study from IDC claims that the worldwide spending on digital transformation will cross $2.3 trillion by the year 2023. It is expected to achieve a five year annual compound annual growth rate of 17.1% (from 2019-2023).

Post analyzing the future scope of digital transformation in various industries, it has now become important to deep dive into the topic. We are here bringing the 5 essential steps of digital transformation and the importance of tech consulting services in that.

But before that let us take a quick tour what digital transformation services are all about.

Digital Transformation

Integrating digital technology into different areas of a business that changes the operation and delivery value to the customers is a digital transformation. In simpler form, the incursion of technology in any business or industry which simplifies the tasks and enhances the productivity is termed a digital transformation.

Big data, artificial intelligence, cloud, mobility, data engineering, and Digital Transformation services are the driving forces which can convert any industry into a digitally sound diligence. It brings a cultural change which is needed for an organization to challenge continually the status quo, experiments and cope up with failures.

Having backed by a good tech consulting firm would ensure that you go with the right techno trend for your business transformation. Let us figure out the other important steps for digital transformation of a business.

5 Steps to Empower Industrial Digital Transformation Journey

1) Identify Transformation Objectives:

To proceed towards the journey of strategy to execution, it is very important to mark the transformation objectives. As per the business goals, the objectives can vary. For instance, few can have the objective to enhance the digital customer and end user experience whereas few can aim to transform business processes to reduce costs, improve productivity & integrate supply –chain partners.

Other objectives can be simplification of service management, optimization of infrastructure & operations to improve agility, deriving insights from analytics to make better decisions, and much more.

2) Choose the Right Tech Consulting Firm:

Once you are clear about business objective the second and most important step is to choose the right tech consulting firm. If you are wondering why a technology enabler company, then remember it is always better to take the expert opinion when you are in the urge to do something big.

Digital transformation is not just a single process, but it is a set of different steps and processes. From mobility to cloud to IT infrastructure, your business needs a good guidance and support. If you are capable to find a company like KCS where you can get everything right from tech consulting to solution & services then it is like icing on the cake.

3) Visualize Future Platform for Digital Business:

Digital transformation journey is always calculated in a broader sense. If you think that small scale digital initiatives can help your business in revolutionizing expedition, then you are wrong. They are not capable to form cohesive and strategic roadmap.

You should make a clear roadmap of your organization digital journey. There is no harm in deprioritizing projects which are not aligned with new business model.

4) Master Digital Services Lifecycle:

Apart from knowing the ‘how’ of the journey, also work on the ‘what’ part of it. If you think coming with an innovative set of products or services can help, then might be, you are not right.

To support the digital transformation journey of your organization, it is important that you should acquire mastery in designing, development, deployment, management and in continuous evolvement of your digital services.

5) Execute Agile Journey to Future Platform:

As you begin your journey to this new platform, it is important to bear in mind that the world which surrounds us is a hybrid IT world. Every organization needs to take the journey to a future platform, while maintaining & supporting the existing application & infrastructure.

It might happen that there would be some elements which are retired or modernized or there could be elements that may need to co-exist and integrated into the new platform.

It is necessary to adopt agile methodology for the future platform so that can it can concurrently optimize infrastructure and simplify management on the back end (the IT transformation) and improve the user experience and transform business processes on the front end (the business transformation). This would ultimately lead to early benefits for customers and end users, with IT transformation simultaneously.

Signing Off

Digital transformation is the need of time. At the present time when businesses are moving forward with brand new digital techniques every day, not incorporating the one can push you back many years in the race. But remember, only if you are backed with the right tech consulting services then only you can attain the desired result of your organization digital transformation.

KCS is an august technology consulting solutions provider which has delivered robust solutions to various industries across the globe. From tech consulting to managed IT services, you can contact the experts at KCS to actualize the dream of digital transformation of your enterprise. 

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