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Category: e-Governance

The complete guide on how to run a mobile-focused geo-marketing campaign

Whatever we do, area always matters, and Geo marketing campaign is a colossal arrangement. There may be different forms of area-based marketing campaigns. Utilizing digital mapping in order to organize and display data enables companies of any magnitude to lay a successful foundation because the advent of digital technology has made geo-marketing progressively affordable.

In short, it is a kind of digital strategy that utilizes a geographic information system (GIS) and data to enhance the marketing of websites and business through internet searches, mobile searches, and social media.

We may wonder how Geo-marketing is actually beneficial to the marketers. In Geo-marketing, customer data from online transactions, online forms, surveys, and mobile phones are stored in the company’s database and then it is utilized to target the right audience at the right time.

Geo-marketing is beneficial in many ways. Marketers can promote their products or even target their competitor’s customers. Geo marketing is a very simple strategy and its basic concept is:

“Displaying your message exactly at the correct time and precisely in the correct place.” It is based on 3S

  1. Seek/ Seize the Audience
  2. Spend little
  3. Sell more

Let’s talk a little about the statistics which can be helpful in knowing the importance of Geo-marketing via mobile phones.

  • 71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is vital for their business.
  • Smartphones are owned by 80% of internet users.
  • 68% of the enterprises have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy.
  • More than 50% of smartphone users grab their smartphone immediately after waking up.

On the basis of these statistics, one cannot deny the fact that there is a wide ocean of opportunities for running a successful Geo marketing campaign through mobile phones. In fact, it is the ultimate essence of any business. But it is not as easy as finding a piece of cake. To run a successful mobile-focused Geo-marketing campaign firstly,

1. Clarify Your Goals

Every marketing initiative must have a striking and a clear goal. It can be anything like creating more traffic on the website or promoting the product/event or getting more reservations. But there must be a goal so that various steps can be followed in order to reach that goal productively.

2. Correct Timings

After deciding the goals, another most important thing is the timing. If one post anything during the work hours or the time when the majority of the customers don’t use the mobile phones, it is useless.

On the other hand, it is possible that there may be more number of students engaged in their mobile phones during the work hours. This is where location data is most beneficial. Timing is everything when you intend to run a mobile-focused campaign.

3. Creativity at core

Creativity is at the core of the business. What if clarified the goal, utilized the correct timing, but it is the same usual advertisement as another? The audience will definitely get frustrated and won’t even have a look at it. Instead, if it is different and creative than the others, it is possible, it may attract plenty of customers.

4. Location

Never limit your marketing to a single or the same location. You always have a choice to find new areas of interest. There are places with naturally high audiences such as restaurants, concerts, malls and so on. You can prioritize and be more productive utilizing the correct timings and spend less while targeting the people who matter you the most.

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