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Category: Hi-Tech

The pros and cons of open source technologies

Today, everyone is talking about the efficiency of open source development technologies. Dating back to almost 1911, the technology is still very much prevalent today and is being used worldwide in development of programs. More than 3.5 million users are already using WordPress alone and more are working with other web portals. Open source is a technology or rather a software which is going to get bigger and better with time.

Let’s now look at the pros and cons of using open source technologies

Safety and Reliability

This is one of the major reasons why open source development technology is so big these days. One might believe that being so manageable by public might lead to potential security threats. However, that’s not the case. Even if an issue or bug is found, it can be fixed quite easily and in no time, almost similar to how it can be managed on iOS or Windows. In terms of reliability, open source promisingly remains to be a consistent technologies which is why it has been able to succeed.


As far as adding any personal touch is concerned, open source technologies come with integrated plans for users which lets them customize their websites and apps according to their preferences. This guarantees exclusivity and lets its users stand out from the crowd giving them a chance to display their talent and skills in the best way possible.


Most of the technologies in the market today come with limited set ups which is not good for people seeking to creatively enhance their ventures. It is far much better than using software such as Microsoft Office and Windows. As far as open source technologies go, they offer their users highly flexible framework to establish their brands and also enable them with the freedom to transform or upgrade their websites whenever required.

Connecting and Collaborating

One of the biggest advantages of using open source development technology is that it lets its users easily connect with other devices such as PCs and smartphones. Also there is an ease to collaborate with various other businesses and enterprises. This in turn leads to an augmented output and users get to do a lot more with their capability by making the most of it. 


This is one area where open source beats its competitors by major figures. As far as cost is concerned, open source is one of the most cost-effective technologies there is in the market right now.

It asks for a really meager investment and is built for delivering a lot in return. Whatever facilities that comes preloaded with, it asks for a lot less from it users even if a requirement for an upgrade is initiated whenever in the future.

Hence, using open source technologies turns out to be remarkably functional and highly feasible especially when other technologies are so expensive to set up in the very first place.

KCS is one of the leading Open Source Development Company in India. We design & develop next-generation applications that are utilized to meet specific business requirements of your company. It’s our focus to drive success for any business performance using open source technology frame works such as:

  • Core PHP Frameworks: Smarty, CodeIgniter, CakePHP
  • E-Commerce Frameworks: WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify , Prestashop , XCart, OsCommerce
  • Other Frameworks: WordPress, Ruby on Rails, Joomla Web Development

KCS provides a pool of experienced experts to provide high end open source development service, consultations, technical support and implementation services for wide range of open source solutions and products. Our open source developers take the credit for solving some of the toughest challenges for enterprises across the world.

Our Open Source Web Development teams have a dedicated Open Source infrastructure where we have invented strategies, methodologies, frameworks and other aids for open source software development  such as:

  • WordPress Website development services
  • PHP Web Application Solutions for Social Networking
  • Woo-Commerce Solutions
  • Magento E-Commerce Solutions
  • Content Management Solutions in PHP Smarty
  • PHP Portal Development for Travel & Real Estate
  • Enterprise Solutions Development with CodeIgniter (CRM, HRM, ERP, BI, BPM)
  • Custom Enterprise Application Development using Ruby on Rails

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