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Category: e-Governance

The role of artificial intelligence in boosting brand engagement

Over the recent years, Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from becoming a buzzword to a full-on brand engagement hype cycle, with companies across all the industry verticals seeking a way to boost productivity and level-up customer experience.

AI or Machine learning or automation can do unimaginable things for your brand alleviating your business and providing your customers with personalized service and giving them what they need, keeping them engaged.

Did you know that Google and Microsoft have already realigned their teams to focus and evolve around AI on all on stages? Also, not a long way behind them are Apple, Facebook, Amazon, TenCent, and Alibaba who are altogether putting vigorously in AI to upgrade their whole ecosystem of products. According to Gartner “Almost by 2020, with the evolution of the machine learning and artificial intelligence, 80% of the customer interactions will be managed without human intervention.”

Why AI bodes well

AI increases the bar even more, as it gives a tool that enables the organization to react changing markets and changing customers. As AI has turned out to be more reasonable over the most recent five years.

Computer vision, voice technology and IoT sensors are all tools that — in conjunction with AI — will empower a retailer to rethink the elements of the shopping environment.

Gain more insights

By using AI it is easy to gain more insights of customer conversion rate. In addition to providing information on conversion rates, AI helps to gather data that helps with marketing and customer loyalty. It also provides the customers more information about the inventory.

Listen to customers and employees

According to AI Technology, The definition of the customer needs to be more thorough. Often, you have to treat the internal department as the customer. While Using AI be driven by the customer's problem that you're trying to solve."

To use AI, company have to be flexible and recognize how the employees wanted to use them.

Data, data, data

AI is extremely information intensive, and organizations conveying the innovation ought to be set up to store and access a lot of data. Process engineering abilities are extremely important in AI.

Analyst utilize the data to:

  • Drive the shopper experience
  • Drive the operation experience
  • Drive the business.

Luckily, there are four stages organizations can take to demystify AI and make more vital utilization of this inventive innovation.

Underline the prizes:

"What Consumers Really Think About AI" survey uncovers that 72% of respondents fear AI somehow, 68% of individuals need more AI in the event that it will make their lives simpler. Hence, organizations must instruct purchasers on how AI benefits the client experiences. Examples include getting better product offers, speedier client administration, and more important informing from most loved brands.

Be straightforward:

Transparency tops the highlights of the esteemed business pioneers, and in light of current circumstances: Consumer trust is the establishment for genuine commitment. Accordingly, organizations ought to reveal data on how buyer information is being utilized and put away, and the prudent steps being taken to secure consumer privacy—a basic advance in building trust with clients. More than a courtesy, suitable levels of straightforwardness can likewise enable organizations to meet the present stringent information protection regulation.

Support representatives:

With AI's capacity to copy keen human conduct, a few specialists fear losing their business to AI devices. To relieve these feelings of dread, organizations must show to representatives how this benefit them. For customer service representatives, chatbots are a chance to focus on high-value activities rather than mundane tasks. A telecommunications sales person can use AI to make a best offer on a renewed contract; an insurance provider company is more likely to sell a policy when he can offer customized advice. By underscoring the advantages to employees, companies can drive greater adoption of AI.

Keep up a human touch:

For all the cutting edge talk around the wonder of machines, living and breathing laborers are as yet a basic piece of the client experience. Some portion of the test is that numerous chatbot encounters feel more like pre-scripted communications than characteristic discussions. Subsequently, a Survey uncovers that the greater part—64%—of clients that as of now have an association with a brand lean toward in person communication when looking for items or administrations versus virtual assistance (13%). Fortunately, numerous chatbots include an operator takeover ability that enables a human to contribute and take control of a discussion when a bot is not any more ready to adequately address a client's needs—a pattern that should be continued.


With the power of AI to anticipate customer requirements, optimize employee workflows and drive revenue, AI technology cannot be overlooked. Difficulties will rise, similar to information security concerns, however via balancing trust and straightforwardness with consumers, companies can better engage their customers and improve their bottom line.

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