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KCS organized its first Webinar series: The Fundamental of ReactJS

At KCS, we believe that learning should never stop, even during lockdown season. Earlier, we used to organize Tech Meetups every month, but because of the lockdown, we have adopted the practice of webinar series and this is our first Tech Webinar. On 2nd May 2020, Saturday, we organized a Webinar series: The Fundamentals of ReactJS in our list of endeavors to learn and grow together. ReactJS is the most popular Javascript library and is also used by top companies like Netflix, Twitter, Dropbox, Github, etc. to develop intuitive apps with more than a million re-usable libraries available in the ReactJS ecosystem. Our senior software engineer, Mr. Hitesh Soni was the speaker of the webinar who enlightened us with some amazing insights about ReactJS along with an app-building session. Mr. Soni shared his knowledge on various topics of ReactJS such as React Core Concepts, JSX, Component life cycle, Virtual DOM, and a lot more. The two hours long webinar ended in a positive note with a quick brainstorming session wherein Mr. Hitesh cleared doubts of professionals regarding ReactJS. 

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