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Supply Chain 5.0

Supply Chain 5.0 – The Reconciliation between Humans and Machines!


Introducing the exclusive webinar series to find out if #AI, #IIoT, #BlockChain are just buzz words in Supply Chain Management, or do they offer real ROI; guided by the learned industry specialist. We are eager to educate and provide the proper information and build the right mindset for the representatives, mostly top management if planning to start the digital journey of their organization. Along with this, you would also know about the key considerations in supply chain management, get actionable takeaways from our experts on the reconciliation between Humans and Machines.

Why Attend:

Introduction to Supply chain management and the role of AI, IIoT, and Blockchain

The outlook of Supply Chain: Opportunities, limitations, and Use cases

Quick Brainstorming Session


Mr. Tanuj Singh (Chief Growth Officer, KCS)

Mr. Errol Van Engelen (Author, Speaker, and Advisor)

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