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Category: Healthcare

E-Health wallet by H-Connect; A must in a medical emergency!

e-Health wallet by H-connect provides an Emergency medical card, which every person should carry with him always in his wallet. It helps first respondents and the emergency medical team to act upon the emergency more accurately, as this card tells about your overall health. Moreover, your loved ones will be informed of the emergency immediately as per the details given on the card.”

The concept of e- Health wallet is catching up fast with people all across the globe. More people each day are switching to having an e-Health account, as it has proven to be an efficient way of keeping a tab on the health of its respective users.

Apart from that, it also very promptly manages to store the data of patients and hospital records and makes it available whenever required. This is why it’s such a capable tool when it comes to managing all records and having them all in one place at times of emergency. Let’s now take a look at the usefulness of having an e-Health wallet in emergencies

Never lets you lose touch

This is perhaps one of the biggest plus points of having an e-Health wallet. You can constantly stay in touch with your healthcare team and also exchange any messages on the go with them, no matter where you are, just like a health instant messenger. Most people who end up being part of a medical emergency can ensure their safety through this.

Provides access to information from anywhere

Another major positive of keeping an e-Health wallet is that no matter where in the world, you can access your records at any time needed. This has led to saving a lot of time for both the patients and their respective health experts and also safeguarding the sensitive information of patients quite well.

Digitized information effectively

Most of the hospitals and clinics today are using digital methods of processing data of their patients. Hence, e-Health wallet is the perfect way of digitizing all your medical data and carrying it with you wherever you go.

A blessing for old aged patients

Since older patients are more prone to medical emergencies, e-Health wallet is a great way to keep such patients connected with their medical health professionals always. They can seek assistance from the app at an unexpected time of a medical emergency and even communicate about their progress each day with their respective health experts.

Keeps a constant tab on patients with acute illness

Everyone knows that patients who are diagnosed with acute illnesses are most prone to being part of an emergency scenario. Therefore, it lets them focus on their health and treatment in such a way that such instances can be avoided by keeping the best possibilities in mind.

Enhances better decision-making

Since patients and their health expert teams could be closely working with each other for a longer period of time, this e-Health wallet also helps them in making sound decisions in times of emergencies.

Once accessed, the patients’ medical records are displayed within no time which helps the doctors and team provide proper on the spot treatment and perform procedures that are necessary for the patient to recover.

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