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Reach more customers through mobile apps

Online Customer Engagement

Online consumer engagement has become very important for companies striving to build their brands, build up their market presence – one of the factors in forming a competitive advantage. Over the last ten years, there has been a fundamental shift in how people access information and news and hence the necessity.

Consumer engagement in virtual space is affected by many different factors. The concept of engagement is analyzed vigilantly by considering the activities and the specificity of companies.

Below are the steps to achieve customer engagement:

  • 1. Mapping the brand’s social graph
  • 2. Listening to the conversations – who is talking about you and what are they saying?
  • 3. Analyzing the content. Share of Voice, sentiment, gaps, trends, opportunities
  • 4. Setting Goals and define metrics and benchmarks.
  • 5. Identifying influencers in each node of the social graph
  • 6. Developing a content strategy based on what you have found.
  • 7. Creating a tactical plan for implementation and choosing the right social media tools.
  • 8. Creating and publishing content.
  • 9. Engaging in the conversations and facilitating conversations about your brand and your industry.
  • 10. Monitoring and measuring results.

Many companies have gone a long way in finding the brand quotient on virtual space and feel that there should be much more as the social media is demanding newer ways to connect and communicate rightly.

Mobile Apps: An option that is most intimate and connects immediately with a personal touch

Mobile apps has been helping in getting to know the potential customers much better, their preference trends, their purchasing power ad has led small businesses to evolve with a real time inputs from the customers. However, they are demanding more and more.

Businesses must devise more innovative ideas to bind the customers to create perception of intimate connection and communication with their customers. This has been tagged as the “Most effective Media ever invented” by “New York Times”.

Driving User Engagement and gaining Loyalty through Gamification

Gamification or game-based marketing drastically changes the scenario in this age of information fatigue where customer engagement gets boosted up, where customers are continuously bombarded with an overload of information, product pushing and marketing messages from a variety of different media sources.

To make the strategies work well, it is just simple to dos to be followed:

  • Create and Implement a Marketing Strategy
  • Make it clean and easy to Navigate
  • Perform Maintenance regularly
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Price it accordingly.

Some of the good features that can be incorporated in Mobile apps to bring success and better user engagement

  • Cross Platform Capability
  • Push Notification
  • GPS direction
  • Quick response Coupons
  • Tap to call
  • Tap to email
  • Mobile ordering Platform
  • Shopping Cart feature
  • Mobile Reservation
  • Simple, Inexpensive, Complete Integration
  • Mobile App Marketing

Conclusion :

It is always a better time to start afresh and improvise the brand image and get a whopping customer engagement through mobile apps development. Build better businesses with market strengthening mobile apps.

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