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Enterprise mobile app trends
Category: Hi-Tech

Enterprise Mobile App Trends That Will Dominate Market in 2020

Let us start this blog with a quick brainstorming. What do you think is the split between mobile app usage and mobile web usage?  Many of us believe that it is somewhere near to half-half but the reality is something beyond this. The ratio of usage between the two is becoming lopsided. A report by ComScore articulates that smartphone and tablet users are spending 87% of their time on apps and only 13% are on the web.

Now, the second question that comes here is what is the most popular app category? A report by Statista says that gaming apps are the most dominating in the app store followed by business apps that bear a share of almost 10%. This means after gaming the most developed one is business apps.

Gaming app report

Source: Statista

When we say business mobile apps, then it is both from the perspective of clients and employees. Enterprise mobile app plays several roles like employee management, data management, business management, customer management, etc. Mobile apps are helping businesses in many ways like an improved collaboration with employees or customers and better customer engagement.

Everyone now knows that mobile apps are important for the business. This is probably the reason most of the enterprises have already adopted or are in the urge to adopt mobile apps. Mobile app is ok but have you ever thought about the trends in app development.

We all are well familiar that thriving technologies are now making their ways in the enterprise’s process. Now and then we come across trends and technological advancements in domains of wearable, AR, VR, AI, Blockchain, etc. 2020 will witness the integration of these technologies in enterprise mobile apps. Apart from this, there is much more to explore.

Let us learn about the enterprise mobile app trends that can dominate the market in 2020 and beyond.

Wearable Device: Organizations are very prompt in embracing technologies. Many organizations are accessing and sharing data through wearable devices. Businesses should thus keep in mind that their employees too can demand to access data through the wearable. So, at the time of building the app infrastructure discuss it with your development company.

Real-Time Data Sharing: This mobile app trend of 2019 is holding a strong position in 2020 as well. Enterprises generate a lot of data daily. Employees and clients may expect some of this data to access in real-time as well. From the business perspective, many-a-times it has been proved useful sending real-time data to employees. This thus becomes important that enterprise mobile apps should have real-time data sharing ability.

Enterprise Mobile app trends

AR/VR Support: Whether it is data visualization or employee training, technologies like AR and VR are helping the businesses a lot. It is believed that 2020 is going to see the projected increase in AR/VR support and enterprises are going to embrace these technologies in their business apps.

Better User Experience: Most of the businesses now understand that better user experience not only enhances their interaction with customers but their employees as well. It has been found also that business apps with a good user interface have a higher adoption rate as compared to the ones that don’t prioritize user experience.

Cloud: Moving to the cloud is the new trend adopted by most of the businesses now. Cloud computing services help the business in storing sensitive data that can be accessed anywhere anytime. Cloud allows businesses to create powerful apps and also helps in reducing the loading time and hosting expenses. It gives a layer of data protection which is acknowledged and embraced by many enterprises.

Blockchain: As blockchain technology helps in data decentralization, security enhancement and increases transparency, hence it is adopted by most of the organizations. Other than this, it also aids in distributed payment processing, smart contracts and tracking the entire supply chain cycle. For all the apps that operate in real-time, blockchain can help them in in-app authentication. Hence, this is a trend that the developers much follow for enterprise mobile app development in 2020.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: With the incorporation of AI and ML in enterprise mobile apps, it helps in creating a more personalized user experience. Chatbots and language converters are the best examples of it.

IoT: We all can see how IoT is affecting every facet of the enterprise. IoT capable apps can help the employees in getting real-time information about the connected devices and sensors. It will save time and resources and will also enhance workforce safety.

Signing Off

Many considerations have to be kept in mind while developing a mobile app for the enterprise. Incorporating the latest techno trends while developing enterprise apps would enhance the acceptance ratio. From IoT to wearable, businesses today are on the verge to add the widely accepted technologies to impress their employees as well as customers.

KCS is a dignified company that can help you in developing your enterprise mobile apps with the technologies mentioned above. You can contact our experts to know more about the latest features and business app development costs.

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