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Accelerating the end-to-end transformational change to defy legacy IT system with Google Cloud Platform

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Joining forces with Google Cloud to deliver pre-eminent Managed IT Services

Partnering with Google Cloud since 2019 team KCS is rendering comprehensive cloud solutions to fit with the business and industry needs of its eminent clients across the globe. Within a shorter span of time, KCS's expertise spans the entire Google Cloud portfolio of products.

We are a proud Google Cloud Premier Partner in all categories and with extreme gusto; we announce that our relationship with Google goes far beyond the standards. Our certified team of cloud experts uses all their skills and knowledge to develop optimal solutions for clients employing requisite Google technologies.

Exploiting our technology expertise, team KCS helps its clients drive innovation, scale, and agility by expediting their espousal of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by leveraging industry best practices along with built-in solution catalysts. The GCP trained practitioners at KCS not only assist in faster cloud adoption but can also augment the digital enablement of an organization.

We are excited to announce that KCS has joined a strategic relationship with Google to become its premier partner for Google Cloud Platform.As strategic partners, KCS and Google are joining forces to provide cloud architecture guidance, onboarding, data migration expertise, as well as ongoing operational support for customers to help ensure optimal cloud application performance.

KCS acquired the Google Cloud Platform partnership in the year 2019. The partnership has helped KCS to provide top-notch cloud technology services to its patrons across the globe. Being a Google cloud partner we are aiding businesses across the globe to respond rapidly to change and scale up as quickly as required.

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KCS Solutions on Google Cloud Platform

Our partners can avail our in-depth expertise services at Google Cloud Platform that are

Marketing Analytics

Helping clients harness GCP to deliver marketing insights.

Cloud Migration

Delivering a seamless transition to GCP.

Application Development

Propelling clients to harness GCP for building and managing cloud-native business apps.


Assisting in building client infrastructure and workflows.


Providing a safe environment to secure enterprise customer infrastructure and workflows.

Location Based Services

Developing & deploying applications using Google Maps in web & mobile environments.

Enterprise Collaboration

Aiding enterprises in smooth collaboration within and outside the organization.

Data Analytics

Aiding organizations to bring best from their dark data.

Machine Learning

Encompassing customer solutions with advance analytics & machine learning.

Internet of Things

Building customer solutions using Google Cloud Platform technology.

Leverage Google Cloud Platform to Accelerate Your Business Growth

We help businesses bring the power of Google's technology for their company to work. Our team of experts in the Google Cloud Platform offers services and tools from planning to deployment to accelerate the effective adoption of Google's compute, big data, and storage solutions.

KCS is a Google Cloud Partner that provides cloud-wide services. Taking advantage of its expertise in digital technology, KCS helps customers accelerate creativity, scale, and agility by accelerating their adoption of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), leveraging industry standards and built-in solution accelerators.

KCS develops cloud-based, microservice-based, pre-built frameworks and APIs on Kubernetes with a broad software engineering background, as well as machine learning and data-oriented applications. We also provide end-to-end Managed Cloud Services and Cloud Operations Architecture, using Cloud Cost Management, Security, and more best-of-breed tools.

Why Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform is one of the major role players in cloud computing. Backed by the industry giant 'Google' GCP differs from other cloud providers in a variety of ways. It not only assures the clients with world-class security but the intelligent monitoring and control help in attaining real-time visibility into who is accessing your data.

  • Complete ownership of cloud performance, reliability, capacity & billing
  • Comprehensive support across cloud adoption lifecycle
  • 24*7 managed services for Google Cloud IaaS and SaaS
  • Direct connectivity to Google Cloud Platform

In collaboration with Google Cloud Platform, KCS is helping businesses across the globe in accelerating growth that too faster, smarter, and better. Right from planning to deployment and from migration to security, KCS provides complete Google Cloud Platform services. Here are the reasons why businesses need to embrace GCP.

  • Avail Google grade security
  • Ease in scaling millions of users at a time
  • Take benefit of mix and match services

Google Cloud Capabilities Offered by KCS

Cloud Engine

Container Engine

App Engine

Cloud Storage

Cloud SQL

Cloud BigTable

Cloud Datastore


Load Balancing


Cloud Interconnect

Cloud Dataflow

Cloud Dataproc

Cloud Machine Learning

Cloud Identity and Security


What You Can Do On
Google Cloud Platform

  • Mobile Applications

    You can focuson application development with Google Cloud Platform services, without disrupting the infrastructure. Develop your Android, iOS app on infrastructure that can scale up consistently as your app grows.

  • Websites and Web Apps

    Creating a multi-tiered web application from scratch or hosting a static website, the Google Cloud Platform services and infrastructure enables you to build and deploy stable, scalable, globally accessible applications and websites

  • Development & Test

    Google Cloud Platform offers the versatility to be able to easily test things out and move forward without incurring upfront costs or delays during hardware procurement.

  • Big Data

    Today's apps are rapidly producing data at speeds like never before. Google Cloud Platform products and services allow you to easily and cost-effectively store, ingest, and analyze your data.

Case Study

Offered Cloud-enabled data convergence to the USA’s leading consumer goods manufacturing company for better business outcomes

The client asked KCS to create an on-premises solution for the sales reporting structure and the flexibility to migrate their data to the cloud for faster processing time.

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KCS improved the complaint registration process through an intuitive mobile application for the Municipal Corporation of Norway

The client wanted to digitize the process of registering the complaints/ issues and provide a solution to their customers within no time

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KCS provided Managed IT Services & end-to-end support to a US-based retail furniture giant leveraging the Google Cloud Platform

The client was looking for end-to-end support and manage IT services for long-term business benefits.

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Offered Big Query Solution to develop Customer 360° View for a US based retail furniture giant

The client approached KCS to leveraged its cloud and analytics solutions to streamline their data analytics processes.

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KCS enabled a renowned retail company to enhance the customer experience by offering a big query and google cloud platform

The client onboarded KCS with a requirement to implement Google Cloud Platform for enhancing the customer experience and streamline the data management process.

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KCS devised a user-friendly cloud architecture for the USA’s leading Oil and Gas testing company to simplify the Data Management process

The client’s approached KCS with a requirement to develop a Big Data Cloud Architecture that can streamline their data management operations.

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