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About Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services offers a fully integrated and flexible cloud-based technology dais consisting of a wide range of computing, storage, analytics, database, application & delivery services that help enterprises drive innovation and scale up their business services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most advanced and broadly acknowledged cloud platform in the world and provides more than 175 fully integrated data center facilities globally. Amazon provides a wide range of services in computing, storage, analytics, database, application & distribution that help businesses drive innovation and extend their services. Millions of customers are using AWS to cut prices, become more competitive and innovate more quickly.

Amazon Web Services empowers the new and established businesses to partially or completely build their digital infrastructure in the cloud, rendering the on-premise data center, a thing of the past. The AWS cloud ensures reliability of the network, compliance with security requirements and the ability to quickly extend or shrink the network to meet your needs and optimize your budget, all without initial equipment investment

About the Partnership

KCS and Amazon Web Services have joined forces to make it easy for enterprises to expedite business operations and improve process agility through the cloud. KCS is an AWS select partner since 2019. This aids us in providing cloud consulting, implementation and managed services to SMEs, start-ups, and enterprises. Here is the URL of our partnership page:

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KCS Offerings on Amazon Web Services Platform

Amazon Web Services offers scalable, reliable and inexpensive cloud computing services. KCS is committed to serve its clients with the major Amazon Web Services offerings like Amazon EC2, Amazon EC2 Auto Scalling, Amazon Light sail, Amazon S3, Amazon Storage Gateway, Amazon RDS, Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon Cloud Front, Amazon Route 53, Amazon Code Commit, Amazon Code Pipeline, Amazon Code Build, Amazon Code Deploy, Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Directory Service , Amazon SNS , Amazon SES , Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Cloud Search, Amazon Redshift, Amazon IoT Core, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Cognito, etc.

AWS Strategy
and Consulting

Consulting and assisting businesses to deploy the scalable solutions provided on the AWS platform.


Leveraging optimized strategy for rationalizing, modernizing and migrating existing software to the cloud.


Identifying the app migration approach to address the near and long term goals.


Eliminating time and cost to land data on Amazon Web Services data platform.


Accelerating product development cycle with versatility & security with DevOps services & solutions.


Strategies helping you stay up and running where physical infrastructure isunavailable for a length of time.

Serverless Application

Deploying apps on cost-effective services that provide built-in app availability and flexibility.


Rendering IoT services for industries, consumers, and businesses integrating AWS.

Big Data

Running big data workloads leveraging Amazon Web Services.


Streamlining business ability to adopt emerging technologies and faster time-to-value.

Backup Storage
& Archive

Delivering secure, scalable and durable cloud storage for businesses aiming to achieve efficiency and scalability within their backup.

Managed Cloud

Cloud monitoring, management, and maintenance by experienced administrators adept in cloud computing.

Case Study

ECM Logistics Streamlined Operations with Increased Uptime by Migrating On-Premise Server to AWS

ECM Logistics Pvt. Ltd is a noted service provider for transport logistics incepted in Mumbai, India. With nearly five decades of experience, the company has established a large and well-settled network across the country.

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Adani Gas beheld 99.99% system uptime for tracking vehicle’s CNG kit validation leveraging Amazon Web Services

Adani Gas is a gas distribution network supplier that provides Piped Natural Gas (PNG) to the Commercial, Industrial and Domestic (residential) sector and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to the transport sector.

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Desi Gabbar witnessed a smooth traffic flow during peak hours after hosting the e-commerce website into Amazon Web Services

Desi Gabbar is an e-commerce website selling South East Asian grocery, spices, health & beauty and organic products in the USA. The company has been supplying the highest quality products to retail and wholesale customers from the last many years.

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Digital Transformation Partner of World’s Largest Cricket Stadium

Narendra Modi Stadium is the World’s Largest Stadium with a seating capacity of 1,32,000 spectators surpassing Melbourne Cricket Ground, and is managed by Gujarat Cricket Association. It is the governing body for the development and organization of cricket in Gujarat. The association is also a permanent member of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The stadium has hosted several national and international cricket matches and is considered to be one of the best cricket stadiums in the world.

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KCS helped renowned Indian educational institute in migrating their on-premises system to AWS Cloud

Since December 1961, the client is managing institutes of management education and research in India. The institute mainly provides undergraduate/postgraduate, doctorial, and executive educational programs. The client’s institute oers a two-year full-time post-graduate program in management similar to a master of business administration degree.

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KCS enabled Smart vehicle track for India’s largest gas distribution company to drive productivity and efficiency

Adani Gas demanded KCS to develop a vehicle tracking system for collecting all data of the vehicle and its CNG kit.

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Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services case study
Digital Transformation Partner of World’s Largest Cricket Stadium
KCS helped renowned Indian educational institute in migrating their on-premises system to AWS Cloud
Smart vehicle track


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Amazon Web Services
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