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Microsoft Collaboration

Making way for meaningful collaboration with Microsoft Collaboration Solutions

Many businesses are looking for ways to improve end-user collaboration and productivity. However, getting the most out of a new technology necessitates meticulous planning and a comprehensive understanding of end-user needs. With Microsoft Collaboration Solutions, KCS ensures that businesses capture end-user requirements, break down silos, and maximize their Microsoft collaboration investments.

A modern working environment must not only give essential information for key decisions, but also intelligent and proactive task and workflow support. KCS business collaboration solutions give personal productivity tools that provide targeted assistance for teamwork, simplify process automation, and allow enterprises to accumulate collective knowledge on an organization-wide basis through their overarching information architecture.

We address the enterprise's requirements for a modern workplace using cutting-edge Microsoft technologies. We lay the technical groundwork for global networked collaboration. This includes integrating new company locations into voice and e-mail communication, in addition to high-performance data access. Microsoft solutions like Teams, Outlook, Office Online Apps, SWAY, Power Platform, and others substantially increase employee productivity.

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Get moving with Microsoft Collaboration Services

Microsoft Collaboration Services provide important features that help users be more productive. From planning through adoption, we assist businesses in streamlining and optimizing their collaborative deployment.

  • Meeting end-user expectations
  • Breaking technology silos
  • Optimizing adoption & usage
  • Drive user-based decisions
  • Accelerate business productivity
  • Increase the value of your investment
  • Quick and easy integration with other apps and legacy software

Benefits of Microsoft Collaboration Tools

Microsoft collaboration solutions and services aim to improved communication and collaboration between the dispersed workforce.

Work Better

Make the most of data-driven insights to get the finest Microsoft Collaboration Solutions for your needs.

Best Value of
Collaboration Investment

Receive professional guidance on how to make Microsoft Collaboration products more effective in terms of implementation and uptake.


To create and implement your collaboration strategy, draw on Microsoft's extensive experience and expertise.


Get peace of mind with proactive collaboration solution support and maintenance.

Quick Access
to Information

Simple search bars and accessible storage makes relevant information handy.

KCS Microsoft Collaboration tools that digitally transforms your workspace:

  • Microsoft Teams: Workspace chats, videoconferencing, file sharing, application integration, and other features are available with this intelligent communication and collaboration solution delivered as a cloud service.
  • Outlook: It's a proprietary email and task management program that is bundled with most Microsoft Office versions.
  • Office Online Apps: Office Online is a set of Microsoft Office programs that have been streamlined and optimized for use with a variety of web browsers. This includes programs like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
  • White Board: Microsoft Whiteboard is a collaborative, never-ending canvas for productive meetings and interesting learning.
  • To Do, Calendar & Planner: Collaborative tools from Microsoft to ensure seamless operations and management within the organization.
  • SWAY: It's a Microsoft Collaboration tool designed to make it simple to create and share interactive reports, personal stories, and presentations.
  • Power Platform: A collection of apps for automating processes, creating solutions, analyzing data, and creating virtual agents.
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Case Study

KCS helped South Africa’s one of the leading financial institutes to make the insightful decision by providing a Power BI based solution

The client was looking for a digital solution that efficiently handles their financial activities and day to day tasks.

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Offered Cloud-enabled data convergence to the USA’s leading consumer goods manufacturing company for better business outcomes

The client asked KCS to create an on-premises solution for the sales reporting structure and the flexibility to migrate their data to the cloud for faster processing time.

Know more

Embracing Intranet over the cloud for IIM Nagpur to facilitate a digital & collaborative work environment

IIM Nagpur desired a new user-friendly website along with an integrated intranet portal for ease of collaboration, free-flow of communication among all the stakeholders.

Know more

KCS assisted South Africa’s education industry to ascend the digital technology curve with OMS system to digitize operations and processes

The client wanted to digitize the existing system and processes to boost “smart work.” They ask us to assimilate the real-time status of various stages in Training, Auditing as well as Consulting.

Know more

Modernized the complex data management processing using predictive analytics and cloud for the USA’s renowned Energy & Utility enterprise

The client wanted to stay up-to-date with the modern analytic tools for gaining future insights and elevate the business goals.

Know more

Harvested data analytics across Japan-based field service management company to improve productivity and profit gains

The primary goal of this project was to reduce the labor costs of collating, assembling, and manually preparing the reports.

Know more

KCS delivered advanced analytics solution to South Africa’s renowned manufacturing company for making intelligent data-based decisions to accentuate sales

The main objective of the project was to manage myriad structured data as well as the filtration of data according to the needs of the client.

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KCS enhanced the team collaboration of Gujarat's most prominent real-estate company by providing a robust document management solution

The client needed a to streamlines processes and maintain digitized documents at one single location.

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Encouraging real-time insights into business processes to a reputed South African company through an intuitive mobile app & Azure solution

In order to enhance services, increase turnover, and manage costs, the client onboarded KCS to leverage its cloud and mobility solutions.

Know more

KCS formalized the internal support process of a top US Petroleum and Petrochemical Company with Ticketing Based Helpdesk Software using SharePoint

The client was looking for a client management system to streamline their sales and marketing-related activities.

Know more

KCS developed client management software to streamline sales and marketing chores for the USA’s top-notch petroleum and petrochemical product company

The client wanted to implement a Helpdesk at the internal level so that all the users can submit the requests through it.

Know more

KCS upgraded the infrastructure and reporting services of an existing system used by the leading investment banking group of South Africa

The client approached us with the idea to replace the legacy software while upgrading its infrastructure and changing reporting services.

Know more

KCS digitalized data management system of India-based tour and travel company to streamline their document management process

The client approached KCS with a requirement to upgrade their data management system in order to simplify their document management operations.

Know more

KCS built a user-friendly helpdesk to automate GCSRA document management software

The GCSRA reached us to develop a powerful helpdesk to increase the working capability and productivity of the government employees.

Know more

KCS served an automated document management system to replace time-consuming manual processes for a leading municipal solution provider

The client reached KCS with a requirement to digitalize their data management system for replacing their time-consuming legacy system.

Know more

KCS helped USA-based Petrochemical products company in tracking the document sharing history in real-time 

The client was looking for an automated solution for document sharing amongst its large workforce and hence approached KCS.

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KCS developed a Unique Training Module to test and examine employee’s performance for the USA’s leading Petrochemical Products Company

AmSpec onboarded KCS with a requirement to develop a training module to manage the training process of a huge workforce of almost 5000 staff across the globe.

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KCS organized a virtual training program to assist employees of a renowned US-based company on various features of Microsoft 365 Suite

The client approached with a request to offer their employees tech assistance and guide them in using features of Microsoft Suite.

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Redeveloped data management system for a leading South Africa-based beverage company with cutting-edge advanced analytics features

The client wanted to revamp their existing database management system that has advanced analytics features.

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KCS delivered Intranet system to USA’s leading retail chain company for streamlining employees' collaboration

The client approached KCS to develop a new document management and intranet system which will help their employees to communicate, collaborate, and share content hassle-freely.

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Revamped iPad application for America’s leading furniture selling company to manage the in-store activities

The client wanted to upgrade their existing iPad application and add cutting-edge features in the same.

Know more

Integrated Employee Management System for simplifying payroll and tax management for a top-notch municipal solutions provider company in South Africa

The client needed an employee management system to simplify their payroll and taxes-related operations.

Know more

Consulting engagement to support Mitsubishi Power Americas Inc. to launch new Intelligent Solutions Divisions

The client onboarded KCS to support on the launch of a new intelligent solution division with understand the existing maturity of the business work streams.

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KCS devised a user-friendly cloud architecture for the USA’s leading Oil and Gas testing company to simplify the Data Management process

The client’s approached KCS with a requirement to develop a Big Data Cloud Architecture that can streamline their data management operations.

Know more

Developed a Customer Data Platform for the world’s largest furniture manufacturer to streamline data management operations

The client reached us with a requirement to develop a Customer Data Platform that can help the client in simplifying several data management processes.

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